What does a Non Surgical Nose job Do?

At Omniya Clinic in London

Our non-surgical nose, also known as the 3 Point Rhino ®, created by Dr Ayad Harb, is regarded as a revolutionary non surgical nose job.

In 2014, Dr Ayad introduced his 3-Point Rhino ® technique and changed the rules of the non surgical nose job.

The 3-Point Rhino ® procedure can create a smooth and straight side profile, reduce dorsal humps and bumps and lift the tip of the nose. It can also help with asymmetry or deviation of the nose from the frontal view. Dr Ayad also uses his nose filler technique to treat complex noses, often treating scarring and problems resulting from surgical nose jobs (rhinoplasty).

The 3 Point Rhino / non surgical nose job, is performed by Dr Ayad Harb and Dr Shahd, who also performs a variety of other surgical and non surgical treatments at Omniya Clinic in London.

Non surgical nose job in London

Safe and Effective Non Surgical Nose Job

Our leading team of internationally renowned Aesthetic Practitioners are not only medically qualified, but they are trained artists. Dr Ayad Harb, Consultant Plastic Surgeon is the global leader for the non surgical rhinoplasty. He is the leading authority, performing more than 2000 treatments per year.

At Omniya Clinic we work only with the most advanced range of dermal fillers, using brands such as Teoxane (Teosyal) and Allergan (Juvederm), to enhance each individual’s features, creating lasting, discreet and natural-looking results. Award-winning Omniya Clinic performs the best nose filler treatments in London.

At Omniya Clinic, we believe that less is more and always take care to ensure that our patients’ enhancement looks natural rather than evident.

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Non Surgical Nose Job

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