At Omniya Clinic in London

Bloating can the result of a number of problems, most of them dietary-related. Gut health has become a fashionable topic in recent years – and rightly so, thanks to the number of individuals presenting with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

Gut health involves the digestive system. This has to be ‘balanced’ in order for it to function properly. When blocked or working in a sluggish manner it can result in a number of uncomfortable and often painful symptoms. In addition to bloating caused by a build-up of gas in the stomach, these can include painful joints, ‘foggy’ brain syndrome, acid reflux and low energy.

Certain vegetables can be at the root of a bloating condition. These include beans and cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, cabbage etc). Carbonated drinks can also pose a problem. The side-effects of certain medications can occasionally cause bloating, as can menstruation.

Nutritional therapy can attempt to get to the root of bloating and other digestive difficulties. If the bloating has subsided following successful treatment, any loose flesh around the stomach area can be tightened using techniques such as Ultrasound and Fat-Freezing. Both can destroy fat cells (one via heat and the other cold) and also stimulate collagen production.