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Varicose veins and Thread Veins: Causes, Symptoms & Treatments

at Omniya Clinic in London

What are varicose veins and thread veins?

Thread veins also known as spider veins, typically appear on the face and legs. They generally affect up to 88% of women and 79% of men. 

Thread veins are made of very small blood vessels, which lie within the living layer of skin. However, they can often become dilated and visible. When the veins initially form, they can appear red, but as they get bigger they turn green. 

Varicose veins can cause tiredness, discomfort, burning, or throbbing, particularly when they appear in the leg. This leads to many people wanting them removed.


What treatments are available at Omniya?

Laser treatment involves high intensity light passing through the skin and into the blood vessels, causing them to thicken and coagulate. Over time, thread veins are dissolved and removed. 

Laser therapy often takes between two and five treatments to complete.

What is the difference between varicose veins and thread veins?

Both conditions are very similar, with their main difference being their appearance.

Varicose veins appear risen and swollen, the blood vessels twisting beneath the skin. They can cause itching and swelling, along with chronic pain. 

Alternatively, thread veins are much smaller, superficial blood vessels. They often appear in small clusters of blue or red veins.

With the side effects that accompany varicose and thread veins, we understand that you may want to have them treated and removed. 

When you attend your consultation, a member of our team will be there to help and find the best procedure for you.

What are the causes of thread veins?

Thread veins are the result of an enlargement in the veins, also known as telangiectasia. 

While there are many causes of thread veins in the legs, they are often caused by pregnancy, weight issues, or hormonal fluctuations. However, in the face, they can be caused by sun damage – the veins bursting due to excessive sunlight exposure. 

They can also be hereditary, with 90% of patients with thread veins having a family member who is or has previously been affected.

Thread vein FAQs

Is laser treatment for thread veins a long procedure?

No, it can be carried out in the individual’s lunch hour.

How many session of laser treatment will I require for thread veins?

Anything from two to five treatments is normal.

Will my thread veins be removed permanently?

The veins that are treated will be. However, others may grow in different locations over time, or different ones may grow.

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