Thread Veins

At Omniya Clinic in London

A common complaint, especially amongst women who suffer from them most, thread veins can prove unsightly for some individuals. They are usually found on the face and legs and can vary in size and colour. Discomfort and tiredness in the legs can be the result. The thread veins start out as red then change to purple and eventually green in colour – hence the desire in many individuals to have them removed.

Also known as spider veins, they are the result of enlargement in the veins (telangiectasia). This can be caused in the legs by, for example, pregnancy, being overweight, standing too long or hormonal fluctuations. The sun can cause blood vessels to burst in the face, giving them a thread-like appearance on the skin. The likelihood of acquiring them increases with age.

Laser treatment for thread veins involves light passing through the skin and into the blood vessels. This heats up the blood vessels, causing them to thicken and coagulate. This slowly dissolves the thread vein over a matter of weeks.