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Rosacea: Causes, Symptoms & Treatments

at Omniya Clinic in London

What is rosacea?

Rosacea skin condition characterised by redness on the face in a butterfly pattern (ie across the nose and cheeks), flushing, pimples, vascular lines, thinking skin and/or eye irritation. Not everyone with Rosacea will have all symptoms but even one of them can cause discomfort and self-consciousness.

The condition tends to flare up at times but is understood to be chronic. As well as the face, rashes and pimples can also appear on the back, neck, scalp and behind the ears.

More women than men have rosacea, but it tends to be more severe in the latter. In very advanced cases it can result in rhinophyma (or swelling of the nose) due to cells there becoming enlarged. The redness and rashes of rosacea are the result of broken or dilated capillaries under the skin.

What treatments are available at Omniya?

There are a variety of treatments to help with rosacea, including antibiotics (following a consultation with the dermatologist), topical creams and chemical peelsLED and Laser treatment are also used some cases of rosacea. LED red light treatment destroys the offending bacteria in the skin’s subdermal layer and stimulates collagen, while laser treatment shrinks or closes off blood vessels, allowing new skin to flourish.

Rosacea FAQs

How many sessions of laser treatment would. I require for rosacea?

This, of course, depends on the severity of the rosacea, but assume you will require at least two to four sessions.

Will laser treatment cause bruising and swelling for a rosacea treatment?

Yes, this may occur for a few days afterwards. Avoid strenuous exercise and wear sunblock at all times during treatment.

Are there different colours (wavelengths) for LED light therapy?

Yes, red, amber, blue and green – all work on different levels (blue on bacteria, for instance while green is soothing to the skin).

How successful is laser treatment for rosacea?

Studies show IPL has a success rate of up to 75% in rosacea patients.

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