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The Perfect Peel®

at Omniya Clinic in London

Best Chemical Peel for Hyperpigmentation and Anti-Ageing

Transform your skin with The Perfect Peel®, a revolutionary medium-depth chemical peel that rejuvenates your skin, promoting a younger, healthier look in just one week. This blended acid peel has a unique formula that includes powerful ingredients such as Glutathione (a premier ingredient), Kojic Acid, TCA, Retinoic Acid, Phenol, Salicylic Acid, and essential vitamins like Vitamin C. This quick and pain-free treatment is suitable for all skin types and requires no pre-peel skin preparation. The Perfect Peel® must be applied by a trained medical professional.

Chemical Peel treatment

What makes The Perfect Peel® the best chemical peel for hyperpigmentation and anti-ageing?

The Perfect Peel® stands out from other chemical peels, such as Salicylic Acid peels or AHAs peels, due to its ability to deeply infuse the skin with beneficial ingredients. This approach doesn’t just exfoliate; it also nourishes and brightens your skin from within. It effectively minimises pores, improves dark spots, lifts melasma, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, and helps clear up acne while preventing new spots from forming. By using Glutathione as a core ingredient, The Perfect Peel® offers a truly advanced anti-ageing treatment that deeply penetrates skin cells to combat damage and prevent premature ageing. This makes The Perfect Peel® a distinctive and highly effective chemical peel for hyperpigmentation and anti-ageing, setting it apart from other options on the market.

Star ingredients that target hyperpigmentation from age and sun damage

The Perfect Peel® is the only peel that features Glutathione as a primary component and is the only true anti-ageing ingredient offered exclusively in the formula. It works synergistically with Kojic Acid and a mix of highly effective acids, vitamins, and minerals. These elements work together to not only give you a youthful look but also improve the overall health of your skin.

Glutathione is a key part of the formula and acts in two important ways. First, it serves as a strong antioxidant that fights damage from free radicals, rejuvenating your skin and slowing the ageing process. It helps prevent wrinkles, age spots, and uneven skin tone caused by sun damage.

Second, Glutathione helps lighten the skin by blocking the production of melanin, the pigment that causes dark spots, effectively brightening your skin tone. Kojic Acid, derived from the fermentation of rice, works hand in hand with Glutathione. It specifically targets and reduces melanin production, which is great for treating skin conditions like melasma and hyperpigmentation, helping to achieve a more even skin tone and texture.

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Who is suitable for The Perfect Peel®?

The Perfect Peel® is suitable for all skin types, including Fitzpatrick skin types 1-6. This makes it a versatile option for virtually everyone, regardless of skin colour or sensitivity. It is particularly effective for those who are looking for a treatment that will:

Diminish visible signs of ageing
such as fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots. The Perfect Peel® offers a potent solution due to its unique blend of ingredients that promote skin renewal.

Reduce hyperpigmentation
such as uneven skin tone, dark spots, melasma, or post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. They will find this peel particularly beneficial.

Mitigate acne and prevent future outbreaks
It also works to minimise the appearance of acne scars by promoting the turnover of skin cells.

Enhance skin brightness and radiance
This treatment refines the skin’s texture and overall glow, making it ideal for anyone looking to rejuvenate their complexion and achieve a more youthful, vibrant appearance.

Treatments performed by

Raluca Baias

Raluca Baias

Lead Aesthetician

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The Perfect Peel® FAQs

How does The Perfect Peel® compare to other chemical peels?

It combines potent ingredients with effective acids for substantial improvements in fine lines, wrinkles, and pigmentation. The treatment entails only 5-7 days of peeling, making it a non-invasive, relatively pain-free option.

What are the differences between home and medical-grade acid peels?

Home peels are generally milder, providing surface-level exfoliation suitable for regular maintenance. Medical grade acid peels, like The Perfect peels, offer deeper exfoliation, effectively targeting specific skin concerns such as acne, pigmentation, and ageing. Due to their powerful formulation, medical-grade peels must be applied by a trained medical professional to ensure safety and efficacy.

How many treatments are necessary for visible improvement?

Visible improvements can be seen after just one treatment. For persistent skin conditions like melasma and active acne, a series of 2-3 treatments spaced four weeks apart is optimal.

How long will the results last?

Results can be maintained for several months. Regular treatments (2-3 times per year) are recommended to sustain and enhance these results.

Does The Perfect Peel® burn?

Some may feel a slight stinging or tingling sensation, which typically subsides within 30-45 seconds. Comfort measures like using a fan are available to enhance the experience.

How long does the application process take?

The Perfect Peel® application is swift, taking only 15 minutes to administer.

How severe is the peeling and what is the duration of the peeling process?

Peeling begins around day three and is generally completed by day six or seven, involving the sloughing off of thin sheets of epidermis.

What will I look like during and post-treatment?

Immediately after application, the skin may appear red or darker, similar to a sunburn. Peeling starts on day three and is usually complete by day six or seven, significantly enhancing the skin’s appearance.

Will my daily routine be affected after the treatment?

Normal activities can resume immediately post-peel, though it’s advisable to avoid heavy exercise and excessive sweating during the peeling phase.

Can makeup be worn post peel?

Makeup should not be applied right after the peel but can be worn from the second day of the peeling process onward.

Can The Perfect Peel® be applied to other parts of the body?

Yes, it is suitable for the face, neck, chest, and hands, although results may vary by area.

Will The Perfect Peel® help improve acne and acne scars?

Yes, it is specifically formulated to improve acne and minimise the scarring it causes. Multiple treatments are often necessary to achieve the best results.

How many treatments are necessary to resolve acne scars?

The number of treatments required depends on the severity of the scarring. Typically, a series of 3-4 peels, spaced four weeks apart, is recommended for optimal results. The exact number of treatments may also vary based on the intensity of each application.

Will my skin be sensitive after the peel?

Yes, your skin will be more sensitive during the peeling process until its pH level is restored.

Is sun exposure permitted after the peel?

Sun exposure should be limited or avoided both before and during the peel process to prevent uneven exposure and potential skin damage.

When can the patient receive their next treatment of The Perfect Peel?

The next treatment can be administered 3-4 weeks after the skin has fully recovered from the previous peel.

Is there an age requirement or restriction for using The Perfect Peel?

The recommended age range is 18 to 75 years old. Individuals with any health conditions should consult their doctor before undergoing treatment.

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