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Cheek Fillers

at Omniya Clinic in London

Cheek fillers add contour and volume to the cheek area, smoothing out lines and providing a more youthful, refreshed appearance.

Do your cheeks look more hollow than they did when you were younger? As we age, our face can change as we lose some of the natural elasticity within the skin, and this could cause a loss of volume in the cheek area. This could cause lines, folds and wrinkles to appear and become more visible.

Wondering how much cheek filler costs in London? At Omniya Clinic, treatment starts from £350.

Injections of hyaluronic acid dermal fillers are administered into the areas under the skin around your cheekbones to give a more defined appearance to the cheekbone – a treatment that could leave you looking years younger.

Marionette Line fillers treatment being performed at Omniya

What are cheek fillers?

Cheek fillers are dermal filler injections administered to increase the volume around and above your cheekbones. The treatment creates a more defined looking bone structure, and by injecting volume under the skin, it smooths fine lines and wrinkles.

What do cheek fillers do?

Cheek fillers involve a series of small injections of hyaluronic acid, which volumise the soft tissue in the cheeks.

The treatment helps by adding volume to the cheek area, contouring and defining the cheek, filling lines and wrinkles, lifting your cheeks, and refreshing your face. Cheek fillers can also be combined with other anti-ageing treatments to obtain a natural look at Omniya Clinic London.

What are the benefits of cheek fillers?

Compared to alternatives such as surgical facelifts and cheek implants, there are a number of benefits to having cheek dermal filler treatments:

Little or no anaesthesia, quick recovery time, medium-term results that are not permanent and easily reversible, low risk of serious complications in the right practitioner’s hands, easy to increase or reduce the amount of filler, and the treatment plan can be phased over a number of weeks or months and is less expensive than surgical treatments.

Cheek filler treatment covers the following:

  • Facial folds
  • Facial wrinkles
  • Sunken cheeks
  • Scarring
  • Asymmetry of the face
  • Dehydrated skin
  • Lumps and bumps

Overview of cheek filler treatment

varies per patient

Time icon

Procedure time

15-30 minutes

treatment price graphic

Treatment price

From £350

number of sessions icon

Number of sessions

1 treatment

timeframe for results graphic

Timeframe for results

You are likely to see results immediately. There may be slight swelling or tenderness for up to 3 days.

down time icon


No downtime. There may be slight swelling and bruising for a few days after your treatment.

back to work icon

Back to work

Same day

duration icon

Duration of results

Approximately 9-12 months for most patients

Treatments performed by

Cheek filler FAQs

What can dermal fillers be used for?

Dermal fillers can be used effectively to restore lost volume, that occurs as we age. This often contributes to sagging and jowling. With skilful placement of dermal filler, we can lift and support the face naturally without the need for a surgical intervention.

Dermal fillers smooth fine lines on the forehead, and also on the lower face. For those moderate lines, which appear around the mouth-to-chin, the nose-to-lip corners, fillers can be administered to be soften the visibility.

Chins and cheeks can be remodelled, giving the face more definition. Furthermore, scars can also be reduced, with lips being more defined and enhanced, both naturally and subtly.

Additionally, skin rejuvenating and boosting fillers can increase skin hydration, particularly on the face, neck, hands and decolletage.

How long do the results last?

Ordinarily, you can expect your natural looking results to last between 9-18 months for cheek fillers, although this does depend on a variety of external factors, including your body’s own metabolism.

How long does the treatment take to perform?

After your initial consultation, the treatment itself would usually take around 30 minutes.

Which are the best fillers?

There is no one size fits all, when it comes to cheek fillers, or any dermal filler treatment. Each patient is very different. This is why at Omniya Clinic we offer thorough consultations, detailed review of any medication you may be taking, your facial structure and any skin conditions before your treating practitioner decides on which filler would be most suitable for you.

How long do dermal fillers last?

The dermal fillers which we use at Omniya Clinic are the leading brands in the cosmetic market, including Juvederm and Teosyal. They are considered relatively long lasting, and made from hyaluronic acid. We advise our patients that the product typically breaks down, and is absorbed into the body after anywhere between 6 to 18 months, depending on various factors.

There are a number of factors which determine the longevity of dermal fillers. These include:

  • The brand of filler (representative of the quality)
  • How dense the dermal filler is
  • The patient’s own metabolism
  • Treatment area (in this case, the cheeks)
  • Skin elasticity
  • Injector’s technique

Do cheek fillers hurt?

This treatment is unlike a surgical procedure, such as cheek implants or augmentation, where you would undergo cuts and incisions. The pain or discomfort level is minimal, and can be managed with local anaesthetic cream to numb the treated area.

Typically, patients may note the sensation of a small scratch as the needle is administered or a slight sting as the filler is applied.

Who will perform my treatment?

At Omniya, we only allow medically trained, highly skilled professionals to provide treatment to our clients. Your welfare and your results are our highest priority.

When will I see results of my dermal filler treatment?

You should see some of the results of your cheek fillers right away. However, it may take a day or so to settle down so full results should be visible within a few days.

Are cheek fillers safe?

Prior to every injectable treatment at Omniya Clinic, you will have an in-depth consultation with your clinician to assess and examine your goals, motivation and treatment expectation.

Further, unlike most cosmetic clinics, we are governed and regulated by the Care Quality Commission to ensure we exceed the cosmetic industry standards for safety. In addition to our clinic regulations, we only work with medically qualified practitioners to administer cosmetic treatments.

Whilst there are risks associated with almost all treatments, you can be assured that at Omniya Clinic, we go that extra mile to reduce the risks for you.

What are the risks of the treatment?

Cheek fillers are considered to be a safe treatment, but there could be some side-effects such as irritation at the site of the injection, bruising and swelling. Bruising is usually as a result of blood rushing to the treatment site to repair the part of the skin that is broken when the injection is administrated. Usually, any bruising from cheek fillers would dissipate over a few days. Medications and lifestyle choices may also affect your treatment.

Even non-invasive treatments come with risks, although these are relatively small. We would only administer cheek fillers in London after a face-to-face consultation, where all risks would be explained and your suitability for treatment would be assessed. Cheek fillers are, by nature, considered a safe treatment if administered by a trained professional.

Cheek fillers, when performed by qualified practitioners, are a fairly straight forward treatment with minimal downtime. However, as with most procedures, there are potential risks.

Common side effects or risks can include:

  • Swelling
  • Itching
  • Bruising
  • Redness

The risks are higher when the treatment is carried out by an inexperienced or non-medical practitioner. It is crucial that you see an experienced medical practitioner who can provide you with the best treatment, whilst also being able to manage any complications immediately.

Who is not suitable for fillers?

During your initial consultation, a full medical history will be taken to assess whether the treatment is right for you. If you have any bleeding disorders, are pregnant, are breastfeeding or are allergic to the compounds used in fillers, you may not be able to have treatment. If you are on blood thinning medication, you may have to ask your doctor if you could stop treatment for the weeks leading up to your treatment.

Are dermal fillers long lasting?

The dermal fillers which we use at Omniya Clinic are the leading brands in the cosmetic market. They are considered relatively long lasting, and made from hyaluronic acid. We advise our patients that the product typically breaks down, and is absorbed into the body after anywhere between 6 to 18 months, depending on various factors.

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