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Enlarged pores can cause distress in individuals since they most commonly appear on the face, and so are visible every time they look in the mirror. However, there is much that can be done to minimise them. This includes using microneedling techniques, and skin peels.

Enlarged pores are usually caused by over-active sebaceous (oil) glands. This results in the pores becoming blocked and therefore more visible. Other causes include ageing (the skin ‘stretches’), too much sun, hormone imbalance and menstruation.

Microneedling is minimally invasive and treats enlarged pores using collagen production. In other words, it encourages the skin to produce more collagen after pricking it slightly. This new skin is firmer and more even toned, while the pinpricks are so minimal that they’re invisible to the naked eye. You’ll receive an anaesthetic an hour before the treatment begins.

Chemical peels are a type of instant exfoliation for the skin. They dissolve dead skin and encourage fast cell and collagen renewal by removing the outer layer of the skin (epidermis). This is achieved using trichloroacetic acid. The result is younger, tighter and healthier looking skin.

Laser treatment (non-ablative) also stimulates collagen production and renews existing damage to the skin.

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    • I'm very impressed with this clinic. My experience from booking in with the reception team to being seen by one of their doctors has been phenomenal. I will definitely be recommending your services. Thank you Dr Roked for the level of care and how you've helped me so far. - Fred

      If you are thinking of going on Hormone Replacement Therapy I would highly recommend Dr Sohere Roked. She is the best doctor I have ever met. She listens and understands her patients (I know because my 2 sisters also see her) Her approach is different to other doctors as she is a trained psychologist - She understands the balance between hormone therapy and mental health. She has honestly saved my life! - Meridith

      Great clinic. Had the designer lip filler with Dr Thu Linh and my lips look fantastic, they look natural too which I was worried about! Great team! - Vanessa

    • Omniya's Dr Tu Lin was recommended to me by a friend who has the most incredible skin and lips. Obviously, I had to try. She is such a caring doctor, and went out of her way. I've had lip fillers in the past with others, but now I've been to Omniya I doubt I need to go anywhere else. I love my new lips. Omniya Clinic is without fail the best place for lip fillers in London! Thank you! - Nora

      I just wanted to say thank you to Omniya Clinic and Dr Roked for helping me. I had misconceptions about testosterone replacement therapy in the past, but now that I'm on TRT I feel back to my best! Long may it continue. Thank you to everyone at Omniya Clinic. MB - Matt

      I have had a great experience with Omniya and Dr Roked. I started TRT at the ripe old age of 58 and I have never felt better. Who knew hormones could make such an impact on someones life! - Richard

    • Great experience overall. The hormone doctor is phenomenal and has helped me a great deal. I wont go into too much detail but she has helped me in all aspects of my life. I have more energy I'm sleeping better. They have amazing skin treatments too. I recently tried PRP dermapen and my skin looks and feels great. - Danilo

      Fantastic clinic. Everything you need in one place, I started seeing Dr Roked for HRT. She has changed my life. They have a pharmacy too which is convenient for me. I never write reviews but this clinic has changed my life! - Vanessa

      Fantastic face rejuvenation treatments. Dr Thu Linh NGuyen is extremely professional, gentle and so patient ! I am so grateful for her advice and so happy with the results ! - Henriette

    • I was having trouble with my acne for a while. I had been to a few clinics before Omniya but didn't get the results I wanted.

      Omniya was recommended and had great reviews. I saw Kerry Lou, one of their skin specialist. She explained that with the right treatment and a little patience I would see results. I brought a course of facials. Each one is slightly different depending on what is needed. I'm very happy with the improvement. - Shayma

      I've been going to Omniya for years and I've always been impressed. This review is long overdue. I've had a few procedures done with them and I've been thinking of doing a hair transplant for years, now that they're offering it I will definitely go ahead with it. They only work with the best doctors. Thank you Omniya. - Adam

      Enlarged Pores FAQ’s

      Males tend to present more with large pores due to the fact they tend to have more overactive sebaceous (oil) glands.

      Yes, it’s possible to go back to work that day – although you might want to have the rest of the day off, as the skin may be tight and red.

      Your skin will appear a little raw, red and even a bit flaky immediately afterwards but this will soon settle down and you’ll start to see results shortly afterwards.

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