“Exceptional Skill with Exceptional Care.
Caring for Patients with Integrity and Candour.
Working as a Team to Ensure Patient Satisfaction.”

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  • non-surgical-facelift
    3 ways to achieve a non-surgical facelift

    At our medical health and beauty clinic in Knightsbridge, we’re proud to achieve fantastic results with minimal invasiveness. The first ever surgical facelift reportedly took place in Berlin in 1901, over 110 years ago, and came with so many more risks than those perfected today. However, the modern surgical facelift…

  • HRT-menopause-omniya
    Menopause hormone therapy – the signs you may need it

    The menopause can be an incredibly confusing and disorientating time for a lot of women, which is why we offer menopause hormone therapy. The symptoms of the menopause can last up to 4 years from a woman's last menstruation but is remains common for women to experience them for up…

  • “Stepping into this shiny and very aesthetically pleasing space, there is a feeling of immediate serenity and a welcome retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city… We left OMNIYA with increased glow factor, a whole lot of extra radiance and plenty of added nourishment. This is a brilliant treatment for city dwellers, as so much of the SkinCeuticals ethos surrounds the power of antioxidants and fighting those dreaded free radicals.”

    Penny Lane, The Style Lane