“OMNIYA is the kind of place you walk into for a throat lozenge and emerge with a brilliant new skin regime – whilst having booked in for vitamin infusions and a spot of energy work.”

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  • Menopause hormone therapy in Chelsea
    Menopause hormone therapy in Chelsea

    The menopause is simply the name given to the transition that takes place in women between the ages of 40 and 50, marking the cessation of their reproductive period. It’s when your periods stop and your hormones can go haywire. Both your mental and physical state can be affected negatively…

  • Dermal Fillers | Wrinkle Fillers | Knightsbridge | Mayfair | Chelsea
    Things you should know about dermal fillers

    A newcomer to dermal filler treatment here in Mayfair? Perhaps you’ve got friends in Knightsbridge, or Chelsea, who have obviously had successful and natural looking rejuvenation treatment, without going under the knife and you’re interested in how you can achieve similar results? We can help! We’ve put together an overview…

  • “Stepping into this shiny and very aesthetically pleasing space, there is a feeling of immediate serenity and a welcome retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city… We left OMNIYA with increased glow factor, a whole lot of extra radiance and plenty of added nourishment. This is a brilliant treatment for city dwellers, as so much of the SkinCeuticals ethos surrounds the power of antioxidants and fighting those dreaded free radicals.”

    Penny Lane, The Style Lane