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  • Botox® Basics: What Are The Side Effects Of Botox®

    Introduction to Botox If you are about to have Botox treatments for the first time, we know that some clients approach their first Botox appointment date with a little trepidation. You ought to know, potentially, what are the side effects of Botox, before you have your treatment. With that in…

  • Botox® for Crows Feet

    Botox® Basics: Botox® for Crows Feet The eyes are such an important feature of your face, so, in this blog, we explore: the wrinkles around your eyes, what is Botox®, how does it treat wrinkles, what is the best way to get rid of crow’s feet and where else can…

  • Omniya Health and beauty Mediclinic

    “Stepping into this shiny and very aesthetically pleasing space, there is a feeling of immediate serenity and a welcome retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city… We left OMNIYA with increased glow factor, a whole lot of extra radiance and plenty of added nourishment. This is a brilliant treatment for city dwellers, as so much of the SkinCeuticals ethos surrounds the power of antioxidants and fighting those dreaded free radicals.”

    Penny Lane, The Style Lane