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Hormones can play a large part in the mood of an individual, especially as we age. In women oestrogen is depleted during the menopause, causing a whole range of uncomfortable symptoms, a low mood being one of them.

With men testosterone is a mood stabilizer in the sense that low testosterone labels can lead to a low mood. Like with women, testosterone in men is depleted with age. It makes sense then that replacing both these hormones – oestrogen in older women and testosterone in older men – can go some way to alleviating a low mood.

Administering HRT and TRT can have other benefits to an individual too. Some of the main effects being a feeling of more energy, better sleep and improved libido.

HRT tends to be taken orally or in patches. TRT can be rubbed into the skin as a gel, injected, or also taken as a patch.

Of course, depression and anxiety are also associated with a low mood and it is important to rule these out before considering HRT or TRT. A poor diet with bad nutrition and a lack of certain vitamins and minerals can also lead to tiredness and a low mood.

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