Double Chin

At Omniya Clinic in London

A double chin is a slackening of skin beneath the chin and on the neck – on the jawline. If excessive, it can make the face appear ‘droopy’ and make that individual appear tired or even sad. In extreme cases there may be no definition between the jawline and neck.

There are various techniques for removing and ‘sculpting’ a double chin (also referred to as ‘submental fullness’). This could include surgery, under general anaesthetic, where fat is removed from the skin at the chin using liposuction and the skin then tightened. Another technique is to use a new and very minimally-invasive type of surgery known as FaceTite. Additionally, Morpheus8, a new device which assists the production of collagen and allows your practitioner to remodel and contour the face. As well as tightening up loose skin it can also brighten facial appearance. Up to three sessions may be required, although in some cases only one session is necessary.

A double chin is relatively common and often occurs with weight gain and/or ageing. Other factors include a hereditary pre-disposition and the position of the airways when sleeping.