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Stay Bright-Eyed This Spring With Omniya

11 April 2022 by Omniya Clinic

If the warmth and sunshine of the new season is putting a spring in your step, spare a thought for the allergy-prone – high pollen counts are an annual hazard for at least 26% of the UK population, who have been diagnosed with allergic rhinitis – more commonly known as hay fever.

Along with the fatigue, the sneezes, and the runny nose, this pesky seasonal affliction plays havoc with your peepers – dark circles, allergic ‘shiners’, and itchy redness are just some of the issues that hay fever sufferers have to contend with.

Fortunately, there’s a range of treatments that can help you survive the darling buds of May. Nowadays there’s many solutions that can be applied externally, as well as the more traditional range of antihistamines that work to combat the body’s allergic responses. A good eye cream (preferably containing retinol) is an essential defensive tool for any hay fever sufferer.

How To Apply Eye Cream

Preparation: Make sure you’ve removed all make-up, and your face and hands are completely clean and dry.

Application: Use your ring finger or your little finger, to make sure that your touch is gentle (the skin around the eye is really delicate – you’ve got to be super-careful not to drag or rub in this area).

Taking a pea-sized amount of cream, very gently dab or tap the cream in small dots, working your way from the side of the nose. Do not apply the cream directly to the eyelids – instead, follow the ridge of orbital bone that defines the eye socket. Once applied, gently go round and pat the treated area again, just to aid absorption and remove any excess cream.

Be Consistent: Apply the eye cream during both morning and evening skin routines, and put any moisturiser or skincare products on after the eye cream.

How To Look After Your Eyes

Screen breaks: Did you know you actually blink less when you’re using screens? Studies have shown that your blink rate is reduced by up to 66% when you’re staring at a computer, mobile phone, or TV screen. If you’re already struggling with dry, itchy eyes, do yourself a favour and take a break from the scrolling and squinting (your brain might thank you, too!)

Hydrate: The more water you give your body, the better your delicate areas (like your eyes and throat) will feel. When you’re dehydrated, these areas become susceptible to discomfort because your body is rationing out the H2O and saving it for your vital organs.

Sunglasses: A good pair of shades will protect both your retinas and the delicate skin around the eye, reducing the impact of UV radiation and slowing the production of wrinkles.

Best Eye Creams

Here at Omniya, we stock several of the most highly regarded award-winning eye creams available. Prices vary, but whether you choose Dr Levy’s Eye Booster Concentrate or Skinceuticals A.G.E. Eye Complex, we’re confident that our products will keep you bright-eyed and looking fantastic.

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