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Should I Try Tear Trough Fillers?

26 May 2020 by Omniya Clinic

You may have heard the term undereye filler - but not its more medically-named companion tear trough filler. Be assured though, they are both the same treatment.

Tear trough filler is an cosmetic procedure which aims to banish dark circles or puffiness under the eyes. This is something many individuals notice as they age. It is caused by skin between the lower eyelid and cheek sagging inwards. The dark circles are actually shadows caused by the ‘cavity’ or hollows this sagging motion results in. Tear trough filler works by ‘pumping up’ this space between the lower eye lid and cheek. This has the effect of visibly removing any hollows, getting rid of the dark shadows in turn.

At Omniya Clinic we use dermal fillers produced from hyaluronic acid to address tear trough concerns. Hyaluronic acid is a substance which is found naturally in the body, allowing it to be broken down and absorbed naturally over time. Happily, it means the hyaluronic acid should produce no toxic effects, such as allergies, since the body will recognise the substance as ‘its own.’

In this article we discuss who can benefit from tear trough filler treatment, how it is performed, and the type of results you can expect from it.

Tear Trough Fillers – Who Benefits?

Anyone who feels they look tired due to dark circles under their eyes may notice impressive results after receiving tear trough fillers. But not everyone. The reason for this is that these fillers only work on individuals whose dark rings under the eyes is the  result of indented shadows caused by ‘volume loss’.

However, if those dark under-eye shadows are due to pigmentation, fillers are unlikely to help. In fact, tear trough filler could make this worse. One way to tell is to hold a mirror above your face while standing under a light. If the light makes the dark rings disappear then they’re shadows and could be treated with dermal fillers. If they’re still there then the rings are caused by pigment and you could be wasting your money.

Other benefits from tear trough treatment includes a reduction in lines and wrinkles on the face. That’s because the filler boosts collagen production, making the face ‘glow’ overall.

Tear Trough Fillers – The Treatment

Even though the excellent results from tear trough fillers is well-documented, many people can’t face the idea of having a needle injected so close to their eye.

That’s not an unreasonable concern, especially when you realise that the under-eye part of the face – unlike the forehead and lips – is a sensitive area. The only way around this is to have the injection of hydraulic acid performed by an experienced practitioner (and not at a beauty salon or spa!). Their medical background will give you confidence – and it will also allow the clinician to administer anaesthetic cream to the area, meaning any pain you feel will be minimal. And, the good news is that tear trough fillers use smaller molecules than the thicker filler injected into the cheeks or lips.

After a small strategically-placed injection underneath the eye with a needle, the filler is then inserted.

Tear Trough Fillers – The Results

The results tend to be subtle, but can make a marked difference – especially for the patient. In fact, you should notice the results immediately after the procedure. Many individuals who receive the treatment appreciate the more refreshed and definitely less-tired looking fillers make their face appear.

As with any cosmetic/aesthetic procedure the dermal filler does dissolve in time, how long depends on the individual. But, due to the fact that the tear trough area of the face doesn’t move that much, these fillers ought to last longer, meaning you can expect more of a long-term result from tear trough fillers than with lip fillers or cheek fillers. In fact, they could last from one to two years in many cases.

Having said that, if you don’t like the results then all is not lost. And this is another reason for only allowing a qualified cosmetic practitioner near your eye: your practitioner can reverse the treatment by injecting the area with hyaluronidase. This dissolves the filler within 48 hours and is a medical procedure - beauticians etc are not registered to perform.

Tear Trough Filler – Post Treatment

What many clients appreciate most about tear trough fillers – apart from the fact it makes them look younger and more refreshed; is the fact that there’s no need to take time off work or hide away from the world. There may be a little bruising afterwards in some cases. This should only last a couple of days or so. Ice cubes can help with this and you can also wear make-up to disguise any bruising.

After a couple of weeks your aesthetic practitioner will want to see you again to make sure everything is in order. An initial swelling gives a false idea of how ‘filled’ the area is, but this will have gone down after several days – and definitely within two weeks. At that point your surgeon will also want to check that you are still happy with the results of the procedure.

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If dark shadows under the eyes have been bothering you for some time now then why not book an initial consultation with one of our expert medical team specialising in tear trough fillers? That way you can get to ask your own questions about the procedure and find out if it is really the right treatment for you. If you are considering the treatment to help with bags under the eyes, for instance, then blepharoplasty could be a better fix. For very severe eye bags, their complete removal could be the best solution in the short-term.

To make an appointment with one of the team of experienced practitioners here at the Omniya Clinic London in Knightsbridge, then call 020 7584 4777. You can also email us via email at hello@omniya.co.uk. We are open Monday to Saturday from 9am to 8pm. We look forward to meeting you!

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