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Instant Slimming With Jawline Botox

30 July 2020 by Omniya Clinic

Ever since the emergence of Botox, the cosmetics industry was eager to exploit its use for medical cosmetic procedures. Botox has had an astounding impact on anti-ageing treatments leaving many looking more youthful and with smoother skin. This article will tell you all that you need to know about Jawline Botox along with the science behind it, so you can take a step towards re-contouring or slimming your face.

Jawline And Face Slimming Botox

At some point during the ageing process, it is very common to complain about having a ‘turkey’ neck, jowly jawline or a double chin. Unfortunately, it can come to us all, regardless of age or weight. The good news is that Botox can help to make a face look thinner and produce an overall more youthful-looking appearance. Read on to find out how the expert clinicians at Omniya Clinic, London, can help instantly rejuvenate your looks by using non-surgical techniques that can be carried out in your lunch break!

Many find a V-line in the face, aesthetically pleasing - this is the effect that occurs when the shape of the face tapers from the bones of the cheek to the chin. Some are more inclined to have a wider jaw; this can result from teeth grinding or repeated clenching of the jaw. This is caused by the enlargement of the Masseter muscles on each side of the face. The masseter muscles are important for jaw movements such as chewing and when they are overused, they are at risk of becoming more pronounced and making the jawline appear wider than it naturally is. The masseter muscles may also be more pronounced due to sex, genetics and ethnicity; in particular those of Asian descent.

At Omniya Clinic, London, our fully qualified and expert practitioners can reduce the appearance of the jawline. By injecting the masseter muscles with Botox, the muscles will become more relaxed, the overall effect is a slimmer looking jawline and potentially, more pronounced cheekbones.

What Is Botox And Is It Safe?

  • What Is Botox?

Botox is a drug that that is made from a toxin, called botulin. Botulin is a neurotoxin produced from a bacteria called Clostridium botulinum. Botulin is responsible for botulism which is a serious and life-threatening type of food poisoning. Because of its link to a bacteria and the word ‘toxin’ it may appear confusing and make you think twice about Botox. Do not let this put you off, there have been many years of research and it is a proven safe medical therapy when used by a qualified practitioner. Botox has been used in medicine for many years and is used in small amounts by doctors to treat a number of conditions such as an overactive bladder, movement conditions, severe sweating from under the arms and uncontrollable blinking.

  • How Does Botox Work?

Botox is given by injection into an area where muscles need to be either paralysed or weakened. It is able to block signals that come from the nerves to the muscles, telling them to contract. It is the contraction of a muscle that will lead to facial expressions, or assist with the chewing of food, for example. The result of Botox and the inhibition of the nerve signal is a relaxed muscle and in the case of the masseter muscles, a slimmer looking jawline. Lack of use of the muscle over time will cause it to get smaller and this will gradually make it look less prominent.

  • Is Botox Safe?

Botox is very safe when practised by an experienced clinician who is familiar with the face and its anatomy, including bones, muscles and fat pads. A review of the scientific research surrounding jawline Botox, specifically the enlargement of the masseter muscles, showed that it is a common procedure with a good safety profile. Any adverse effects were temporary [1], but to minimise the risk of adverse effects, it is essential that the Botox practitioner, like those at Omniya Clinic, London are very experienced in facial anatomy and performing Botox. Our clinicians will spend time during a pre-treatment consultation discussing the procedure, the desired outcome and what to expect.

Side Effects Of Jawline Botox

Side effects are not common, but as with any procedure, it can occur. Your clinician will go through the potential side effects, which may include muscle weakness and a hoarse voice.

The Jawline Botox Treatment

Jawline Botox is a temporary and non-surgical procedure to make a jawline more slimline, to decrease a prominent looking jaw and also to correct an asymmetric jawline. A small needle is inserted into the facial muscle; this is the muscle that will bring about the change in the appearance of the face. The needle contains Botox which relaxes the muscle at the site of injection. This procedure is performed by the expert clinicians at Omniya, and takes only minutes but lasts for up to six months. Following the Botox injections, a gradual softening of the face will occur as the masseter muscle relaxes, this may occur over a week. Over a longer duration after repeated treatments, you will find that the treatments will last for longer after each Botox application. This is because the masseter muscles are being used less and less and will get smaller (muscle atrophy); this re-contours the shape of the face naturally maintaining a more slimline appearance of the jaw.

You may feel a slight scratch when the injection is administered, but it is not painful. Some people may experience a small amount of discomfort or bruising around the Botox injection site, but this will only last for up to 48 hours. The results are more than worth this very short-lived effect. Our clinicians will explain how to take care of your face post-treatment and you will be sure to leave Omniya Clinic, London very happy with your Botox experience.

What To Do Next?

Make an appointment with one of the expert Botox practitioners at Ominya Clinic, London, to discuss how we can change the shape of your face and jawline. We will arrange a pre-treatment consultation and you will be able to explain what it is you are looking to achieve. The consultant will take a detailed look at the shape and contouring of your face and then discuss with you a treatment plan to create the desired look. The next step is to have your Botox treatment and typically this can be performed in less than half an hour. What are you waiting for? Make your appointment for jawline Botox today.


  1. Yeh, Y.T., J.H. Peng, and H.P. Peng, Literature review of the adverse events associated with botulinum toxin injection for the masseter muscle hypertrophy. J Cosmet Dermatol, 2018. 17(5): p. 675-687.

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