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Nose Filler in London: Achieve the perfect nose in under 30 minutes

9 June 2023 by Omniya Clinic

In this digital age, comparing ourselves to others on social media platforms is easy. Perfect appearances of influencers and celebrities can cause some to feel insecure and have low self-esteem, with over 52% of people lacking confidence in their appearance.  

As such, more people seek effective treatments to shape, define and tighten facial features to overcome common concerns such as thin lips, wrinkles, or excessive skin. A rhinoplasty (nose job) is a popular treatment, but it has a lengthy recovery period and comes with an expensive bill. At Omniya Clinic, we offer a revolutionary non surgical nose job that can smooth and straighten noses in less than an hour. 

What is a Non Surgical Nose Job?

Dr Ayad Harb, our world-renowned Consultant Plastic Surgeon, created the 3 Point Rhino® to help patients achieve a better nose without the cost, time and risk of a rhinoplasty. Dr Ayad’s non surgical nose job technique uses a mix of high-quality dermal fillers to correct and shape nose imperfections accurately. 

Dermal filler is injected in three points of the nose to balance and even out dents or bumps, such as a dorsal hump, a prominent bump appearing in the upper centre of the nose. The nose filler can additionally treat scarring and lift and shape the tip of the nose. As such, this non-invasive procedure can trim the size and shape of bulbous noses, wide nostrils, droopy and wide tips and nostril asymmetries. 

Our nose filler treatment at Omniya Clinic precisely treats the area of concern, bringing excellent results of a smoother and straighter side profile. We have a strong reputation as the best non surgical nose jobs in London, which is evidenced by our amazing before and after transformations.  

How long does nose filler last?

For most patients, Dr Ayad’s world-leading 3 Point Rhino treatment lasts approximately 9-12 months. It is a long-lasting procedure completed within 15 to 30 minutes and will bring immediate results after one treatment. In the initial consultation, our expert surgeon will take you through the process and aftercare and set a plan to meet your aesthetic goals.

Can you reverse nose filler?

All nose filler treatments are completely reversible at our clinic should you ever change your mind about your nose filler. We use hyaluronic acid in all dermal filler treatments, which naturally dissolves on its own but can be removed with hyaluronidase. This naturally occurring enzyme will dissolve the hyaluronic acid and return your nose to its original shape and size. 

Feel great with a smoother and straighter nose at Omniya Clinic London 

Dr Ayad is a professional plastic surgeon who will transform the shape and look of your nose. Performing over 2000 non surgical nose jobs yearly, Dr Ayad is more than experienced to get you the nose you desire. Boost your self-confidence and book a consultation with the award-winning Omniya Clinic today. 

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