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Improve Your Nose In Under An Hour

31 May 2020 by Omniya Clinic

Non-Surgical Nose Job In Under An Hour

You may already have heard of the treatment ‘3 Point Rhino.’ Certainly, the procedure has had more than its fair share of rave reviews over the last five years when it first introduced to the world. It was such a breakthrough procedure, that it was successfully featured live on the hugely popular "This Morning", which can be seen here.

The reason for all the publicity is the treatment’s revolutionary nature. Created by Consultant Plastic Surgeon, and cosmetic pioneer, Dr Ayad Harb, just three years ago, 3-Point Rhino is a way to re-shape the nose without the risks and costs involved in invasive surgery (ie a ‘surgical rhinoplasty’); in the form of a non-surgical rhino.

Three Point Rhino - What’s Involved?

So, how does it work then? Well, in a nutshell this non-surgical treatment involves reshaping a patient's nose using dermal filler. This is injected into three points of the nose – hence the name 3 Point Rhino (Rhino being short for Rhinoplasty). By ‘rebalancing’ the nose it is possible to ‘even out’ any dents or bumps (such as a dorsal hump) in the nose – the kind of uneven line that makes some many of us happy when viewing our side-profile. It can even help with scarring and lift the tip of the nose, again altering its shape. Asymmetry of the nose from the front profile is another area 3 Point Rhino can prove extremely successful in.

Benefits Of The Non Surgical Nose Job (3 Point Rhino)

  • No anaesthetic complications

What the 3 Point Rhino does is ‘smoothen’ the profil of the nose in a minimally invasive process. That means patients who have concerns about going under the knife with a surgical procedure don't have the same worries. The complication and dissatisfaction rate is greatly reduced, given the ability to precisely pin point the location of the dermal filler. And that is the part of the procedure that most would-be patients say puts them off undergoing plastic surgery for the nose – even though they may want it.

  • Filler naturally dissolves in the body

The results of 3 Point Rhino can also be reversed, should the patient wish. In most cases, patients are happy with the dermal filler gel (hyaluronic acid based) to naturally dissolve over time. For the non surgical nose job, the results can last from one up to two years. At this point, the patient can decide whether she or he would like their next treatment to restore the volume of the nose. We have found that most patients have between 1 and 3 treatments, after which point, the results are noticeable for significantly longer. Each time a top up treatment is administered, the filler lasts even longer.

  • Treatment takes 40 minutes and lasts up to two years

Two years is a long time for filler treatment to work – especially when you consider the length of the procedure itself is a mere 30 to 40 minutes. And yes, we really do have patients who come to us for treatment during their lunch break.

  • Costs a fraction of plastic surgery treatment

Another advantage of the filler treatment that people really appreciate is the fact it costs only a fraction of the price of typical plastic surgery - surgical nose job.

  • No ‘lockdown’ period

The results from 3 Point Rhino are immediate. Whilst there may be a slight swelling when the treatment is first administered once this reduces, the results will gradually improve over the course of 7 to 14 days.

Whilst patients may experience swelling, it is typically not so noticeable that you can’t continue going out socialising or return to work. Having said that, we do advise that you don’t wear make-up for 24 hours after the procedure and that you refrain from exercise for up to one week. This allows the filler to settle.

  • Treatment is comfortable

And finally, a majority of our patients advise that the treatment has minimal pain or discomfort. To assist with this, the  filler itself may contain a little anaesthetic – just enough to ensure you won’t feel pain as the three injections are administered.

Right, Sign Me Up For 3 Point Rhino Now!

Sure, we can sign you up today, but we won’t be able to perform the procedure until we have had an initial consultation with you. We would love to be able to administer the treatment to everyone who would like to experience it. Realistically, though, the treatment, like most aesthetic or cosmetic procedures, does have its limitations. It simply is not going to work for everyone.

Our priority at Omniya Clinic London is to ensure that you achieve the results that you want. If we, or any of our treatments, are not able to achieve them, we will be clear with you from the start. The principle underpins our reputation and our values. This depends on what the patient wants. It is excellent for some fulfillments, such as smoothing out humps, bumps and twists in the nose. But it cannot make the nose look smaller; in fact, in terms of volume, were you to measure the nose it would actually be bigger. The new shape of the nose disguises this fact, however. Another area in which the treatment may not work is for a large deformity – instead, surgery may be required at this point.

Non Surgical Nose Job (3 Point Rhino) at Omniya – What’s Involved?

Obviously, prior to any treatment taking place you will have to book a consultation with the doctor specialising in this procedure. And this is the treatment’s founder Dr Ayab Harb himself!

The consultation can be face-to-face, via Zoom chat, video or consist of an email with photographs. Dr Harb will then be able to advise you on whether 3 Point Rhino would be the best line of treatment in your own case. If not, the doctor can certainly advise on other procedures and/or treatments that can help. Considering Dr Harb now performs approximately 2000 such procedures annually, he really is the leader of the non surgical nose job.

To get in touch with the expert and highly-qualified team here at the Omniya Clinic, simply ring us on 020 7584 4777 or book an appointment via our website page 3 Point Rhino. Alternatively, call us for a chat and advise on any of our procedures. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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