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Neck Lift: The Ultimate Guide to the Nefertiti Neck Lift

2 October 2023 by Omniya Clinic

Sagging skin is a problem many of us face as we age. Collagen and elastin, crucial bodily proteins, deplete over time, leading to signs of ageing such as sagging skin, wrinkles and fine lines. An area that sags considerably is our cheeks or jawline, commonly called ‘jowls’. Since our skin thins and loses structure, jowls form, causing women and men to lose their once-youthful appearance.

If you have loose skin around your chin and jawline, look no further than a Nefertiti Neck Lift. Omniya Clinic’s non-surgical neck lift can contour and tighten turkey necks, undefined jawlines and sagging skin with little downtime. Explore how the Omniya team use Botox® for aged skin in our ultimate guide. 

What is a Neck Lift?

At Omniya Clinic, we offer a specialist neck lift named after the Egyptian Queen, Nefertiti. Nefertiti was renowned for her great beauty and perfectly defined profile. With this inspiration, we curated the Nefertiti Neck Lift. We inject botox to minimise sagging and remove wrinkles and lines on the neck and lower part of the face. 

Loose, sagging skin around the neck (jowls) is one of the first signs of ageing. Jowls can, however, be formed from certain environmental and lifestyle factors, including weight loss, sun exposure, smoking and facial expressions. A new phenomenon, “tech neck”, is also a growing issue which causes the skin to lose elasticity as we repeatedly look down at our devices. A Nefertiti Neck Lift can effectively tighten the skin and eliminate signs of jowls, tech neck, turkey neck and more. 

How does a Nefertiti Neck Lift work? 

A Nefertiti Neck Lift involves injecting botox into the neck muscles and lower jawline to relax the muscles and minimise wrinkle and fine line formation. Botox is a famously used anti-wrinkle injection technique that not only tackles wrinkles but can be used to tighten and define the skin.

When treated, a Nefertiti Neck Lift will improve jawline definition, rebalance underlying muscles and lift the neck and jawline. These excellent results will aid you in achieving smoother, younger-looking skin. Our botox neck lift requires little downtime, but to ensure the best results for our patients, we conduct a robust consultation process, helping to answer any questions before, during and after treatment. 

Are botox Neck Lifts dangerous? 

Botox® injections are a safe, FDA-approved treatment which has benefited clients worldwide since 2002. As the Nefertiti Neck Lift requires no surgery, you are rest assured with minimal downtime and aftercare. The possible side effects you may experience are:

  • Temporary bruising or redness
  • Difficulty swallowing 
  • Flu-like symptoms 
  • Neck weakness
  • Headaches 

Our expert practitioners will ensure you follow a strict pre and post-treatment regime to ensure side effects are minimised and results are perfect each time. 

How much does a Neck Lift cost? 

A Nefertiti Neck Lift costs £450 per session, depending on the practitioner and the amount of botox required. You will see optimum results from 10 to 14 days post-treatment and achieve defined, smoother skin for approximately 3 months. 

Tighten sagging skin and regain your confidence at Omniya Clinic

Our mission is to make you feel beautiful inside and out. So if you’re looking for expert care and excellent neck lift results, contact us today and book your free consultation. Feel more confident, minimise signs of ageing and become a happier version of yourself at Omniya Clinic.

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