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A neck lift, named after Egyptian Queen Nefertiti, the Nefertiti Neck Lift specifically targets the neck and jawline, using Botox for a rejuvenating and lifting effect.

The term ‘Jowling’ or ‘Jowls’ refers to flesh along the lower jaw, where the skin has begun to sag downwards, often sinking further than the jawline itself. This sagging gives the appearance of a loose skin either side of the mouth and below the cheeks. Whilst it had been considered difficult to treat without surgical intervention, with the expert team at Omniya Clinic, consisting of Surgeons, Doctors, Dentists and Nurses, neck lifts can be eliminated with a very simple in-house procedure called the Nefertiti Neck Lift, using Botox.

The price of neck Botox starts from £300.

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What Is A Nefertiti Neck Lift?

It is a new technique, where multiple wrinkle injections are placed along the lower jawline, as well as the neck along the platysma muscles. By administering injections in specific areas, it is possible to improve jawline definition, rebalance underlying muscles, and lift the neck and jawline.

What Results Should You Expect From A Neck Lift?

Anti-wrinkle treatments usually begin working within 1-3 days, with optimum results around 10-14 days. Your treatment ought to last for approximately 3-6 months. Most patients, expect to have a smoother appearance, and an improvement of the lines and superficial wrinkles. When the effects start wearing off, you will notice a gradual fading.

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