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Q & A With Our Expert – Kerry Payne

10 March 2022 by Omniya Clinic

Kerry Payne is a qualified Aesthetician and dedicated Skin Specialist with over 17 years of experience. Her areas of expertise include Dermapen Microneedling, HIFU and IPL treatments, and medical-grade facial chemical peels.

After two decades of experience in Beauty Treatment and Aesthetics, what are the biggest changes you’ve seen?

Patients are looking more for results-driven treatments rather than holistic treatments. Most of our clients nowadays love the medical side, and want products which peel or have an active response on the skin. Years ago, patients were happy to just keep their skin hydrated and were satisfied with basic results. Clients are better informed now – more aware of active ingredients and treatments due to researching online through platforms such as YouTube and Instagram.

What’s your favourite treatment (either for yourself or for your patients)?

I have two favourites; hydra needling & hydra fusion. These are brand new treatments launched by Omniya. They both offer instant results and the glow lasts for a few weeks. The HydraFacial step provides a deep clean and prepares the skin, then the extra treatment is added – with either micro needling or a Glycolic and vitamin A peel. The skin is immediately smoother and plumper after just one treatment.

What advice would you give to young people wanting to work in Beauty and Aesthetics?

To be successful, you should be passionate and love what you do. Be ready to always learn new skills and keep training to improve your knowledge. You’ve got to be willing to get on board with new trends, and always learn from the therapists and doctors around you.

How long have you worked at Omniya? What do Omniya do differently from other clinics?

I’ve been at Omniya since 2014, almost 8 years. Omniya allows us to have more of a personalised touch with patients. That results in exceptional client care and service, and we maintain that standard from start to finish. We also offer many services that are more specialised such as hormone therapy and non-surgical nose filler with some of the very best doctors in the industry. It’s a great place to learn.

Are there any technologies or innovations that you think will have an impact on the industry over the next few years?

Now with online shopping becoming more popular and social media taking over, the product buying will most likely be slower in clinics due to easier accessibility to higher quality products online. Also, the amount of beauty gadgets that are now available may impact how often clients come in, due to clients being able to access treatments at home. Although they are not clinic strength or standard, some may see them as a more affordable option.

You can click here to find out more about Kerry’s services and prices.

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