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If you’re looking for smoother, more radiant skin, with overall better skin health, microneedling could be the perfect anti ageing treatment for you. At Omniya Clinic London, we use an innovative and well-regarded device known as a Dermapen, which could help you generate new skin tissue and increase collagen production, giving you a smoother and more toned appearance.

We perform the treatment most commonly on the face, as it can be used to treat large pores, wrinkles, and various scars with fantastic results.

Microneedling dermapen omniya clinic knightsbridge london

    Key Information

    • Treatment results in smooth, toned skin
    • Minimal downtime

    • Quick procedure

    • We may advise multiple sessions for optimal results

    • Skin tightening

    • In clinic is much more effective than at-home rollers

    • Must be performed by a certified dermatologist
    • The overall cost depends on the area treated

    • Stretch mark removal

    Microneedling Treatment Overview

    Microneedling Performed By

    HIFU ultrasound peels cryolipolisis radiofrequency fat freezing hifu ipl RF

    NVQ & BSc (Hons) Level 6

    ultrasound LED microneedling skin peels cryolipolisi ipl hifu laser hair removal mesotherapy


    radiofrequency ultrasound RF microneedling fat freezing cryolipolisis hifu facials peels ipl mesotherapy


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