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We are what we eat – how many times have you heard this phrase and wondered how true this saying is? Science has long revealed that we are, indeed, what we consume, which makes nutrition exceptionally important, especially as the food and drink we consume directly affect our health. Why not ensure you are doing the best you can for your physical and mental health, or see if you could improve your health with the assistance of our Nutritional therapy services here in our London clinic.

Whether you’re looking to improve your skin, your digestion or even mental alertness, good nutrition is paramount. Nutritional therapy from the experts at Omniya Clinic could not only address certain health concerns but could also help improve your general health, boosting your immune system and helping you feel the best you can.

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Nutritional Therapy at Omniya Clinic, London

    Overview of Nutritional Therapy

    • A unique and personalised approach to healthcare
    • Good nutrition can help physical and mental health
    • Nutritional therapy is for everyone

    • It is not dependent on age or illness

    • It can be a tool for managing chronic conditions

    • It can address health concerns such as headaches and skin conditions

    • It could give you a healthier immune system

    Nutritional Therapy Overview

    Nutritional Therapy Consultations By

    Dr Leah Austin GP hormone therap atrophy nutrition ultrafemme 360 health check

    General Practitioner, Nutritional Therapist,
    Functional/Integrative Medicine, MBBS MRCGP NT Dip AFMCP

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