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5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Omniya Clinic

5 March 2024 by Omniya Clinic

‘Tweakments’ like Botox® and dermal fillers are so commonplace that many don’t consider it unusual. But in reality, any cosmetic treatment is a big decision. A lot goes into a procedure - even when it doesn’t require surgery. 

This is why choosing the right cosmetic clinic is essential. Don’t be lured in by big discounts and misleading before and after photos. The truth lies in a clinic’s expertise, reputation and safety protocols. Without this, you could risk looking ‘botched’, which won’t just impact your confidence, but your bank account from fixing it!

In this blog, you’ll discover what’s discouraging people from considering non-surgical aesthetics and how to locate a clinic that meets your needs.  

41% of people fear looking unnatural after treatment

A recent study surveyed 500 men and women who’ve previously considered cosmetic procedures but never went ahead. The top factors stopping them from undergoing cosmetic procedures included:

  • Cost of treatment (50%);
  • Fears of complications (46%);
  • Worries of looking unnatural, e.g., pillow face or frozen expressions (41%);
  • Botched stories in the media (32%);
  • Fears of pain during the treatment (28%);
  • Struggles in identifying reputable practitioners (22%);
  • Scared of being judged by friends and family (16%); and,
  • Worried their partner would disapprove (14%)

These concerns are enough to knock your confidence from getting cosmetic treatment ever again. But many of these fears are from hearing and seeing the worst-case scenario online. As a leading cosmetic clinic in London, we’re here to calm your worries and help you leave with newfound confidence. 

5 reasons to choose Omniya Clinic for your next cosmetic procedure

1. Natural-looking results

At Omniya Clinic, we believe less is more. Our expert approach has helped us gain an outstanding reputation for natural lip fillers in London. But this subtle touch doesn’t just apply to our filler treatments. We achieve youthful, natural-looking results across our entire treatment line. 

Need convincing? Head to our gallery to see our amazing client outcomes.

2. Expert practitioners

We are an award-winning luxury clinic proud to host some of the UK and Europe’s leading doctors and practitioners. Our team are highly qualified in internal and external health and possesses industry credentials for safe practice. 

3. Safe procedures

All cosmetic procedures involve some risk. Because of this, our practitioners conduct a thorough, face-to-face consultation. We’ll discuss your goals, medical history, concerns, treatment cautions, and contradictions. 

Omniya Clinic is regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), which means our practitioners adhere to the highest industry standards in treatment. 

4. Large treatment offering

Which cosmetic concerns do you have - acne, fine lines and wrinkles, or maybe even hair loss? Omniya Clinic has diverse treatments that can solve any cosmetic concern you’re struggling with. 

We specialise in making you feel better, inside and out. That’s why we tailor all our cosmetic treatments to your goals and needs. 

5. Free consultation* 

*For some practitioners, you’ll receive a free consultation where you’ll discuss your cosmetic goals, questions and concerns. We’ll plan your next steps, including how to prepare for your treatment and any side effects you need to be aware of.

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Contact our team on 020 7584 4777 or book a consultation using our online system. Discover how Omniya Clinic can help you today! 

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