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Hormone balance is essential for age management – for your memory and concentration, cardiovascular health and strong bones, as well as supporting the body’s ability to maintain health, energy and happiness. Hormone Therapy is the overarching treatment of hormones.

Hormone deficiency may be associated with significant changes in body composition, bone density, lipid/cholesterol metabolism, cardiovascular function, skin, physical and mental wellbeing. With decreased hormone levels, sleep patterns and immune system function may also be affected.

The aim of hormonal therapy is to cause an actual physiological change to your body by improving cardiovascular, neurological and bone health, as well as improving your symptoms and quality of life.

As we age, there is a naturally occurring decline in hormones, such as oestrogen, progesterone and testosterone. Balancing these hormones can have a wide-range of significant health benefits

Within this page, we cover a variety of hormones, including:

hrt trt menopause andropause thyroid hormones

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