3-Point Rhino ® by Dr Ayad Harb

at Omniya Clinic in London

Many people are dissatisfied or insecure about the shape or size of their noses. In the past, the only realistic solution was extensive, expensive and risky surgery. Dr Ayad introduced his 3-Point Rhino ® technique in 2014 and changed the rules of the game! Since then, Dr Ayad has become a world authority in nonsurgical nose correction. He performs over 2000 treatments a year and offering advanced training to the best practitioners.

The 3-Point Rhino ® is Dr Ayad’s technique for non-surgical nose correction, which was the first rhinoplasty ever, performed live on UK television, on ITV’s This Morning. The technique involves injection of specialised dermal filler gel into 3 specific points on the nose, to produce a straighter, softer and more lifted profile. The technique in Dr Ayad’s hands, is safe, quick and reliable and the results are absolutely beautiful, time and time again.

Correction after surgery and complex noses

Surgical rhinoplasty is a complex operation with good but unpredictable and sometimes unsatisfactory results. Dr Ayad is a specialist in the non-surgical correction of complex noses, such as deviation, scarring and collapse after surgery. These treatments are higher risk than typical corrections. In the right hands, however they can be life changing with fantastic results that help to fade away the physical and mental scars of botched surgery.

The 3-year rhino and longer lasting results

Dr Ayad Harb has developed a unique non-surgical rhinoplasty technique, the 3-year rhino which utilises a special mixture of different products to deliver beautiful results that last 3 years or longer! The 3-Point-Rhino is a specialised treatment and only suitable for certain nose types. To find out if you are suitable for this treatment, please contact us.

3-Point Rhino ® Treatment Overview


Non-surgical nose correction with dermal filler injection

Soften humps; straighten the front/side profile; lift the tip

No makeup 24 hours; no exercise for 1 week



Individual results may vary


Within the filler

Procedure Time:

15 Minutes

Duration of Results:

9 to 12 Months

Back to Work:

Same day


Mild discomfort

How the 3-Point Rhino ® can improve your nose

The 3-Point Rhino ® procedure can create a smooth and straight side profile, reduce dorsal humps and bumps and lift the tip of the nose. It can also help with asymmetry or deviation of the nose from the frontal view.

Dr Ayad also uses this technique to treat complex noses, for example treating scarring or problems resulting from surgery.

Will it make my nose look bigger?

Dr Ayad’s approach is to make you nose better, and never bigger or to appear too wide or too straight. This is a delicate balance, which requires a deep understanding of the anatomy and product, as well as an artistic eye and very precise technique.

What are the risks?

All treatments carry some risk. The 3-Point Rhino® is a low risk treatment if performed correctly. The main risks are swelling, redness and bruising, which are uncommon and usually very minor. The most important risk is that of vascular occlusion, or blockage of veins and arteries to the skin of the nose. A vascular occlusion can be prevented from developing into a more serious complication such as skin necrosis when it is spotted early.

Can the 3-Point Rhino ® fix complications from surgery?

Corrections of surgical complication are a big part of our practice. Surgery can often lead to unsatisfactory results such as asymmetry, irregular shadows, characteristic collapse of the nose and much more.

Dr Ayad is very experienced in non-surgical corrections of surgical complications and receives patients and referrals from all over the world. These treatments are considered higher risk so a consultation before treatment is always recommended, whether in person or via photographs or video.

Will I need to have the 3-Point Rhino ® procedure done yearly?

The results of the 3-Point Rhino ® will last 9 to 12 months. In reality, we tend to find that after 1 year, even though the result may not be perfect, your nose would still be holding its shape quite well. This is due to a build-up of collagen in the area, which helps to maintain the result. Every patient is different and results are never guaranteed.

The second treatment can be safely done at that time and will usually deliver even better and longer lasting results. It is expected that within 2-3 treatments, a very satisfactory long-term result will be reached.

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