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If you are feeling especially tired, have unexplained weight gain, have especially dry hair or skin or are feeling depressed then you may be struggling with hypothyroidism, an under active thyroid gland, and Thyroid Therapy from the Omniya Clinic could help you.

An under-performing thyroid is an increasingly common medical condition and one that many people do not realise they have issues with. At the Omniya clinic we can carry out comprehensive thyroid blood tests and assess the result together with your medical history and symptoms in order to put together a complete picture of your thyroid function.

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    Thyroid Therapy For The Following

    • Goitre (Enlarged thyroid gland) control

    • Nodule growth control

    • Post-surgical thyroid removal treatment

    • Treatment of hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism

    Thyroid Therapy Treatment Overview

    Thyroid Treatment Is Managed By

    sohere roked thyroid therapy hrt hormones trt

    Dr Sohere Roked

    General Practitioner
    MRCGP, Dip Study of Integrative Medicine, Cert BioIdentical
    Hormone Therapy, Dip Reproductive and Sexual Health

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      • Fantastic face rejuvenation treatments. Dr Thu Linh NGuyen is extremely professional, gentle and so patient ! I am so grateful for her advice and so happy with the results ! - Henriette

        Great experience overall. The hormone doctor is phenomenal and has helped me a great deal. I wont go into too much detail but she has helped me in all aspects of my life. I have more energy I'm sleeping better. They have amazing skin treatments too. I recently tried PRP dermapen and my skin looks and feels great. - Danilo

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        Omniya was recommended and had great reviews. I saw Kerry Lou, one of their skin specialist. She explained that with the right treatment and a little patience I would see results. I brought a course of facials. Each one is slightly different depending on what is needed. I'm very happy with the improvement. - Shayma

        I'm very impressed with this clinic. My experience from booking in with the reception team to being seen by one of their doctors has been phenomenal. I will definitely be recommending your services. Thank you Dr Roked for the level of care and how you've helped me so far. - Fred

        Omniya's Dr Tu Lin was recommended to me by a friend who has the most incredible skin and lips. Obviously, I had to try. She is such a caring doctor, and went out of her way. I've had lip fillers in the past with others, but now I've been to Omniya I doubt I need to go anywhere else. I love my new lips. Omniya Clinic is without fail the best place for lip fillers in London! Thank you! - Nora

        Thyroid Therapy Treatment Information

        The Best Thyroid Therapy in London – Book your appointment with Omniya Clinic

        Through the supplement of nutrients that support the thyroid or with a prescribed low dose of thyroid hormones, our highly experienced doctors at Omniya will create a treatment plan that will be tailored to each individual’s exact needs, whilst monitoring the progress and improvements made by their patients. With the right monitoring and the best treatment available it is possible to bring your thyroid function back under control, allowing you to lead a healthy normal life.

        What is the thyroid?

        The thyroid is a gland, found on the front of your neck,  which secretes hormones throughout the body. These hormones are released around the body, where they have an influence over your metabolism, growth and development and body temperature. Appropriate thyroid secretion is particularly important during infancy and childhood when it is crucial for brain development. However, it is also important as we grow older, as an imbalance in the thyroid hormones can cause some other health issues. If not caught and treated, these imbalances can lead to further medical issues later down the line such as heart issues and pregnancy problems.

        What to Expect From Your Thyroid Treatment?

        When you make an appointment for thyroid therapy at Omniya clinic you will be in good hands. One of our highly experienced doctors will take a full and detailed medical history with you and discuss any concerns that you might have. They will then conduct a thyroid function test. This is a simple procedure which will only take a couple of minutes. A blood sample is taken which will measure your hormone levels and give an indication of how your thyroid is working. Your doctor may decide that a range of other tests may be appropriate in order to get a full picture of the health of your thyroid.

        Depending on the results of your test, your Omniya doctor may recommend thyroid therapy, which is a form of hormone replacement therapy. This will only be recommended if it is appropriate to your condition. Your blood test results will give a good indication of the level of thyroid hormones in the blood and this can then be used to determine the appropriate levels of thyroid hormone therapy that you will require.

        Treatment will be ongoing and regular checks will need to be made to see if your levels have risen. This can take some time but it is important to ensure that they have reached the appropriate levels. It is a good idea once your levels have reached the normal amount that a check-up is carried out each year to ensure they remain the same.

        What Is Thyroid Therapy?

        Thyroid hormone replacement therapy relates to the type of manmade thyroid hormones that are used to raise any abnormally low levels of hormones that are present in the body. The therapy is most commonly prescribed in the form of pills which are normally used to treat an underactive thyroid; that is a thyroid which isn’t secreting enough of the appropriate hormone around the body. If not diagnosed and treated these low levels of thyroid hormones can have an immense impact on the body and cause a range of problems, that will have implications later on in life.

        What Are The Benefits Of Thyroid Therapy?

        Thyroid therapy is beneficial to those people who are struggling with an underactive thyroid. It can help to correct the imbalance of hormones that cause issues such as weight gain, excess tiredness and even depression. It can also be used for a number of other issues including:

        • Controlling the growth of an enlarged thyroid gland, referred to as a goiter
        • Controlling the growth of nodules that are found on the thyroid gland
        • For treatment after the thyroid has been removed as a result of a benign or malignant disease such as thyroid cancer
        • Follow up treatment for hyperthyroidism which has been treated using an alternative method, such as via radioactive iodine ablation

        Who May Be Affected By An Underactive Thyroid?

        The condition is common in both men and women however it is more commonly found in women. It can also be found in children of all ages and some babies can be born with thyroid issues which is why it is tested for when they are just a few days old with a heal prick blood test. Catching an underactive thyroid early is very important. Whilst sleepiness and weight gain may not seem like a huge concern, an untreated thyroid condition can if not dealt with lead to other more serious conditions over time.

        Thyroid Therapy FAQ’s

        You should try to take your medication for hypothyroidism an hour before you have breakfast and before you take any other vitamins, for example calcium or iron. You can also take your medication before sleeping, but remember to allow at least 3 hours after eating and taking vitamin supplements.

        If in doubt, your medication will have directions on it, but for certainty, please do call the clinic on 020 7584 4777 to check.

        If you are pregnant or have any existing medical condition it is important to discuss this before starting any form of medication.

        Side effects are a common issue with any medication and will vary from one person to another. It is important to discuss your symptoms with your practitioner if you suffer with any of the following side effects:

        • Chest pain
        • Shortness of breath
        • Palpitations Anxiety
        • Flushing and sweating
        • Severe headaches
        • Vomiting
        • Diarrhoea
        • Weight loss
        • Abnormal menstrual cycles
        • Sleep disturbances
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