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In order to achieve optimal health, balanced hormones are required, no matter whether you are a man or a woman. A lot of men experience symptoms of weight gain, decreased motivation, low libido, depression, and tiredness as they start to get older and their testosterone levels lower. This is known as the andropause, which is commonly deemed the male menopause, and a common treatment is Testosterone Replacement Therapy, or TRT.

The andropause is a decline in a man’s testosterone level that is most commonly noticeable as a man reaches his 40s, and has symptomatic hypogonadism. Whilst not commonly understood, we know that experiencing symptoms of the andropause can be difficult to manage alone.

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TRT Testosterone replacement therapy omniya clinic london

    TRT Commonly Treats Or Helps With The Following

    • Low mood

    • Low libido or sex drive

    • Altered sleep patterns

    • Difficulty removing body fat and weight gain

    • Reduced immunity

    • Healthier heart and blood

    • Stronger bones

    • Improved memory and reduction in ‘brain fog’

    Treatment Overview

    TRT Treatment Performed By

    Dr Sohere Roked TRT HRT Omniya Clinic London telomere

    Dr Sohere Roked

    General Practitioner
    MRCGP, Dip Study of Integrative Medicine, Cert BioIdentical
    Hormone Therapy, Dip Reproductive and Sexual Health

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      • I just wanted to say thank you to Omniya Clinic and Dr Roked for helping me. I had misconceptions about testosterone replacement therapy in the past, but now that I'm on TRT I feel back to my best! Long may it continue. Thank you to everyone at Omniya Clinic. MB - Matt

        Fantastic face rejuvenation treatments. Dr Thu Linh NGuyen is extremely professional, gentle and so patient ! I am so grateful for her advice and so happy with the results ! - Henriette

        If you are thinking of going on Hormone Replacement Therapy I would highly recommend Dr Sohere Roked. She is the best doctor I have ever met. She listens and understands her patients (I know because my 2 sisters also see her) Her approach is different to other doctors as she is a trained psychologist - She understands the balance between hormone therapy and mental health. She has honestly saved my life! - Meridith

      • I've been going to Omniya for years and I've always been impressed. This review is long overdue. I've had a few procedures done with them and I've been thinking of doing a hair transplant for years, now that they're offering it I will definitely go ahead with it. They only work with the best doctors. Thank you Omniya. - Adam

        Omniya's Dr Tu Lin was recommended to me by a friend who has the most incredible skin and lips. Obviously, I had to try. She is such a caring doctor, and went out of her way. I've had lip fillers in the past with others, but now I've been to Omniya I doubt I need to go anywhere else. I love my new lips. Omniya Clinic is without fail the best place for lip fillers in London! Thank you! - Nora

        Great clinic. Had the designer lip filler with Dr Thu Linh and my lips look fantastic, they look natural too which I was worried about! Great team! - Vanessa

        What is TRT?

        TRT, which is short for Testosterone Replacement Therapy, or referred to as androgen therapy, is primarily used to treat low testosterone levels. Testosterone levels can decline with age or as a result of a medical condition.

        What is Testosterone?

        Testosterone is a hormone which is found in men and women (as well as other animals). For men, the testicles produce testosterone. In women, testosterone is produced in the ovaries, but in much smaller quantities.

        The production of men’s testosterone increases significantly during puberty, and then starts to decline – anywhere from the 30’s.

        Testosterone is commonly associated with libido and sperm production. However, it also impacts on muscle mass, bone density and how we store our fat. A man’s testosterone level can also impact his mood. It is also responsible for producing male characteristics, such as muscularity and facial hair, as well as the development of the male sex organs.

        Testosterone Replacement Therapy Introduction

        A reduced level of testosterone production, or hypogonadism, may not always require treatment. At Omniya, our practitioners will assess whether you are a suitable candidate. This will not only be based on your test results, but also whether there are symptoms which correspond to these results.

        If you are a suitable candidate, whilst desired results may be achieved, it is important to note some of the side effects, which will be discussed thoroughly during your consultation. Some of the side effects include: oily skin, fluid retention, shrinking testicles and a decrease in sperm production.

        How Do I Know if I Have Low Testosterone?

        Currently, the only way to confirm low, or reduced testosterone levels is by carrying out blood tests. This is a simple, but crucial process, as tests will be performed to manage and maintain your health. It is important that these tests are carried out at the appropriate time of the day and if you are taking any medication, this must be discussed with your doctor.

        What Are The Symptoms?

        Low T levels can provide symptoms such as:

        TRT Testosterone Replacement Therapy

        TRT in London

        There is no denying that getting older can be difficult to come to terms with. Not only do a lot of people fear ageing but there are then the unwanted symptoms that often come with this. For men, this can mean loss of strength and muscle mass, low sex drive, depression, a change in attitude, fatigue and low energy levels, as well as loss of concentration.

        We want to help you keep your body and mind in the best condition possible.

        Why Does Testosterone Decrease as we age?

        As we age, our bodies (for men, in their testicles) naturally produce less testosterone. It is assumed that on average, a male’s testosterone levels reduce by approximately 1-2% in a period that can start from your 20’s, 30’s or 40’s.

        What are the Benefits of TRT?

        The main benefit associated is that it will help to lower and even reverse the symptoms that are associated with getting older. A lot of people have reported feeling more vigorous and younger after going through the treatment. All of the symptoms that have been mentioned can cause a person to feel down and depressed, and so it is our goal to help you to enjoy life again.

        On its own, with an unhealthy lifestyle, TRT is counter productive. It is important that you consider a treatment in conjunction with an existing or intended good level of lifestyle. In order to help you, you must also start to help yourself.

        Some of the benefits of TRT include:

        • Reduction in fat build up and improved lean muscle production
        • Increased muscle mass
        • Improved mental clarity
        • Increased confidence
        • Improved sleep
        • Higher libido (sex drive)
        • Reduced fatigue
        • Improved focus
        • Stronger erections

        What to Expect?

        When you book an appointment at Omniya Clinic, the first step is to have a full initial consultation. This is important so that we can get to know you, your symptoms, and your medical history, so that we will be able to provide you with the best possible treatment for you.

        We will check your blood levels by conducting tests to monitor your baseline levels; which we will send to one of our laboratories to be analysed. Once the test results come back, your doctor will use these alongside your medical history and symptoms. At this stage, it will be advised if you are a suitable candidate, and whether the treatment is appropriate for you. Your doctor will monitor your symptoms and blood levels to ensure adjustments can be made, if required.


        As is the case with any type of medication, there are a number of side effects you could experience with Male Hormone Replacement Therapy. Of course, not everyone is going to experience these side effects, but it is critical that you are aware of them.

        Some of the minor potential side effects that are experienced with TRT include increased urination, acne, and fluid retention. Some of the more severe, yet rare, potential side effects include increased number of red blood cells, infertility, decreased sperm count, increased cholesterol levels, worsening of existing sleep apnea, decreased testicle size, and breast enlargement.

        If you do experience increased red blood cells, this can result in blood clots in your blood vessels, chest pain, blurry vision, high blood pressure, and muscle pain. If you do notice any of the side effects that have been discussed, it is important to get in touch with us at the earliest opportunity.

        There are many different ways to start TRT. While some of the different methods do include injections, there are some that do not require them at all. We will be able to talk you through some of the different options that are available. Aside from injections, some of the other choices include testosterone patches, testosterone gels, lozenges, tablets and capsules.

        TRT is a medical treatment, and must only be managed by a suitably qualified doctor.

        With the rise of the internet, and the alarming misuse of medication in places such as gyms, TRT is available in a variety of places. However, it is illegal to sell medication without a license, and without a valid prescription. Even if easily available, it is dangerous to use without the medical supervision required.

        TRT is not a required treatment. It is an elective treatment that should only be considered if you are suffering from symptoms. At Omniya Clinic, we treat symptoms over test results. Should you wish to improve your testosterone levels, there may be alternative ways to achieve this – such as through diet, sleep, exercise and supplements. We would always recommend this as a first call of action.

        Symptoms of low testosterone can include the following:

        • Irritability
        • Increase in body fat
        • Decrease of muscle mass
        • Brain fog
        • Loss of height
        • Loss of confidence
        • Sleep disturbances
        • Inability to stay asleep
        • Sleep apnea
        • Low sex drive (libido)
        • Fatigue
        • Difficulty concentrating
        • Depression
        • Anxiety
        • Reduced morning erections
        • Reduced energy levels
        • Weak erections
        • Inability to maintain an erection

        Each individual will have a bespoke plan, based around their symptoms and the blood tests. Your testosterone therapy treatment will be specifically created for you, with costs discussed at your consultation by Dr Sohere Roked. You will be able to see the full plan designed for you. If you are interested in TRT, call Omniya Clinic London on 020 7584 4888 to schedule an Initial Consultation with Dr Roked. You will be assessed, and a plan developed to help you regain control of your own life.

        Yes, testosterone boosters can help to optimise and balance your hormones, restoring energy levels for many patients. However, this must be performed by a suitably qualified and trained doctor, who is able to monitor, assess and optimise your hormonal imbalances in order to improve the quality of your life. Dr Sohere Roked has received extensive training in Europe and the USA for anti-ageing medicine, and is one of the leaders in the industry in the UK.

        There are a number of factors at play when assessing the length of time it takes to feel the effects and benefits of TRT. These factors include your own lifestyle, your baseline (current) hormone levels when you start the treatment and the type of medication you are prescribed.

        We typically see results experienced within 3-8 weeks, although this does vary from patient to patient. Other lifestyle factors will contribute, which your doctor will discuss with you.

        We believe that in order to feel optimum benefits from TRT, it is recommended that you have a balanced and healthy lifestyle, which is supplemented with any medication that may be prescribed or administered. In general, you ought to benefit from a better sex life, with improved sleep, clarity and with more energy if you maintain consistency in the treatment plan. Contact us to schedule a consultation with Dr Roked today, to understand more about TRT, and whether it’s a sensible solution with good potential to address your concerns.

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