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In order to achieve optimal health, balanced hormones are required, no matter whether you are a man or a woman. A lot of men experience symptoms of weight gain, decreased motivation, low libido, depression, and tiredness as they start to get older and their testosterone levels lower. This is known as the andropause, which is commonly deemed the male menopause, and a common treatment is Testosterone Replacement Therapy, or TRT.

The andropause is a decline in a man’s testosterone level that is most commonly noticeable as a man reaches his 40s, and has symptomatic hypogonadism. Whilst not commonly understood, we know that experiencing symptoms of the andropause can be difficult to manage alone.

Initial Consultation is £265.

TRT UK Testosterone replacement therapy UK omniya clinic london

    TRT Commonly Treats Or Helps With The Following

    • Low mood

    • Low libido or sex drive

    • Altered sleep patterns

    • Difficulty removing body fat and weight gain

    • Reduced immunity

    • Healthier heart and blood

    • Stronger bones

    • Improved memory and reduction in ‘brain fog’

    Treatment Overview

    TRT Treatment Performed By

    Dr Sohere Roked TRT UK HRT UK Omniya Clinic London telomere testosterone replacement therapy uk

    Dr Sohere Roked

    General Practitioner
    MRCGP, Dip Study of Integrative Medicine, Cert BioIdentical
    Hormone Therapy, Dip Reproductive and Sexual Health

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