Temple Fillers & Forehead Fillers

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Temple fillers and forehead fillers could solve a multitude of concerns brought about by ageing.

A youthful face has a lot of fullness, and most of this could be due to the structure of the temporal region and forehead area. There is not a lot of volume within the temple and ageing means you could lose more volume.  Your forehead can also lose volume and lines and wrinkles may appear deeper and more visible there, making you look older and more stressed.

If you have been affected by this, you may be interested to know that forehead fillers and temple fillers can be used to great effect on these issues, restoring the shape of your face, and allowing you to regain a youthful, more refreshed look.

Temple fillers and forehead fillers consist of injections of clear hyaluronic acid gel in small amounts. These are injected into your temporal areas or forehead, adding volume to the area, giving a smooth appearance to the skin while reducing lines, restoring shape and giving contour to the face.

Temple Fillers Cost
Temple Fillers and Forehead Fillers in London

What Are Temple Fillers?

Temple fillers, when administered by a medically trained, experienced professional, can reduce lines on your forehead and reduce the hollows that ageing can bring to your temples.  This type of filler treatment can reduce any shadowing and ageing effects, smooth out the skin, and leave you looking more youthful and vibrant.

What Are The Benefits of Temple Fillers?

There could be a variety of reasons that people are unhappy with the shape of their face and the look of their skin as they age. Whether the temples are sunken in, casting shadows on the face and causing drooping, or there are lines and wrinkles on the forehead that make us look sad, worried or angry, all these issues, as well as lines around the nose and mouth, the shape of the cheeks and more could be addressed with temple fillers.

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What Are Forehead Fillers?

The forehead filler treatment involves the very precise injection of dermal fillers (hyaluronic acid-based injection) into targeted areas of the forehead. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance found in the body, in high concentrations in the skin, which adds volume, hydrates the skin and refreshes the forehead.
The treatment is useful to restore the youthful curvature of the forehead and helps to reduce hollows and shadows (which can make the face look more masculine).

What Are The Benefits of Forehead Fillers?

For many patients, forehead fillers are a suitable treatment to improve facial symmetry. Dermal fillers are administered to treat scarring and/or to balance areas of asymmetry, adding volume where desired to specific areas. It is a useful treatment option to contour the forehead, to counter the causes of a receding hairline, bony ridges, sloped/concave foreheads, hollowing caused by ageing, or genetics.

How Much Do Forehead Fillers Cost?

Forehead filler prices start from £495 with Dr Ayad Harb

Temple Fillers and Forehead Fillers Performed By

Dr Ayad Harb

Consultant Plastic Surgeon