Genomic Testing

At Omniya Clinic in London

Are you concerned you might not be getting the right nutrients in your diet, or that you could be in need of a health MOT but don’t want to put yourself through invasive tests? Genomic testing at our London clinic, could hold all of the answers to your health and dietary requirements.

We all have a different genetic make-up, and so understanding your genetics can help you to get to the bottom of any illnesses and conditions, as well as helping you to understand what diets, nutrients, and workouts are going to be most effective for you. This is the best way to understand what your mind and body really needs for you to be at optimal health. How can you achieve the most youthful skin? What do you need for more energy? What sort of physical training will harvest the best results? The answers lie in your genes, and here at Omniya, we can unearth all of this incredible information and give advice that is entirely tailored for your health.

Genomic testing

Genomic Testing Overview

Genomic Testing Summary

  • Genetic testing for optimal nutrition and health

  • Take control of your life

  • Be the healthiest version of yourself

  • Variety of genomic tests available

  • Confidentiality assured

  • Comfortable clinic