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Hormone And Menopause Clinic

at Omniya Clinic in London

There is no denying that this can be an unpredictable and uncomfortable period for any woman. Statistics show that around 80 per cent of women are symptomatic for quite sometime before and after their periods stop. Commonly, these include difficulty sleeping, night sweats, hot flushes, headaches, mood changes, vaginal pain and dryness, problems with concentration and memory, palpitations, and much more. We combine both nutrition and BHRT to help keep your body and mind in the best condition possible.

What To Expect From HRT Treatment

London’s leading hormone and menopause clinic

When you book an appointment at Omniya’s Menopause Clinic London, we will always start with an initial consultation. In order to make sure you benefit from the best possible treatment, it is vital that we take your detailed medical history, this can be done on a digital or online form. This is so we can understand exactly what it is you are experiencing. We will use a simple test so we can check your hormone levels, we will check different levels for men and women. This will be sent off for analysis. Once we receive the results, we will use this, alongside your medical history to ensure you end up with the right plan for you. Sometimes, nutrition can be advised alongside bioidentical hormone treatments.

It could take a few months for you to feel the benefits, however, we will monitor your progress and make any adjustments to help you feel your best. We work with a number of compounding pharmacies, in the UK, who will be able to make bioidentical hormones specifically for each patient to use at home. Some medications are regulated and unregulated and you will be made fully aware of all the information needed beforehand. All risks and benefits will be discussed with you.

Hormone replacement (HRT) at our menopause clinic

There are a number of ways that women (and men) can be treated. Finding the right hormone balance can be difficult, yet that is what we are here to help with. Not only are there different forms of HRT, but there are a number of options for how you take your medication, as well as different treatment plans.

Most women will take a combination of progestogen and oestrogen (you can read more about them in this handy guide). However, women without a womb can take oestrogen on its own. There is regulated and unregulated medication such as creams, gels, skin patches, and tablets. These are not always available through the NHS in the UK. We will work with you to ensure the right treatment plan is prescribed to suit you.

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