Lip Fillers

At Omniya Clinic in London

Lip fillers can add volume for a fuller lip or replace any that has been lost over time for a more youthful look. The procedure involves injecting dermal fillers into your lips to achieve a natural, subtle volume and shape.

Other popular treatments include cheeks and the bridge of the nose, which is known as the non-surgical rhinoplasty.

We are proud of our outstanding reputation for lip fillers in London.

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What Are Lip Fillers?

A lip filler or lip augmentation is most commonly a procedure using a gel-like filler. There are a number of different type of filler that can be injected into your lips and around the mouth. Nowadays, lip filler injections are typically made up of hyaluronic acid that fills wrinkles, volumising soft tissue and hydrates the skin. Fillers are a safe and long-used substitute to restore the loss of volume, whilst also adding lift. They work by restoring volume and plumping your skin, so deep-set lines are smoothed. As we age, our bodies stop producing elastin and collagen, which contribute to a younger look.

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Before And After Lip Fillers

The lip filler injections are non-invasive, quick and relatively pain-free, entails a few injections to ensure your lips are balanced, the recovery time is fast and lip fillers at Omniya Clinic are a not permanent, and reversible, fully tailored to you. Below are images of before and after lip fillers.