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Before and After Lip Fillers

11 November 2020 by Omniya Clinic

At Omniya Clinic in London, we offer lip fillers, also known as lip augmentations, using a gel-like filler that is injected in your lips and around the mouth. Most lip filler injections consist of hyaluronic acid used to increase volume in tissue and hydrate the skin. Lip fillers are a safe and affordable procedure to boost your confidence and enhance your facial features.

Lip filler injections help to shape your lips and add volume to your lips with a non-invasive procedure. The procedure is quick, up to 30 minutes and relatively pain-free. There’s no downtime after the lip filler treatment and results are immediate, although there may be slight swelling and redness directly after the treatment. Results last 6 to 9 months, therefore they are not permanent and can be reversed if necessary.

Lip filler prices start from £300, depending on the treating doctor and the quantity of product used for an individual’s treatment.

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