At Omniya Clinic, Knightsbridge

If you’re tired of having to wax your legs every few weeks or you’re sick of the stubble a razor blade leaves behind, laser hair removal at the Omniya clinic in London could be exactly what you’re looking for. Aside from smoother, clearer skin, and permanent hair removal, this treatment also helps to reduce ingrowing hairs, leaving your skin looking fantastic.

Far more than just getting rid of the inconvenience of having to undergo hair removal several times a week, professional laser hair removal treatments London offer a professional finish that will leave your skin feeling silky smooth. Suitable for many different areas of the face and body, this is a treatment that you’re sure to enjoy the benefits of for a long time to come.

best laser hair removal omniya clinic knightsbridge london

    Key Information

    • Effective, safe treatment

    • Laser inhibits growth, targeting hair follicles

    • Appointments last between 20-60 mins

    • Some hair and skin types may be harder to treat

    • Full results between 6-8 treatments

    • You must attend all sessions

    • Laser hair removal is not painful

    Laser Hair Removal Treatment Overview