Facial Treatments

At Omniya Clinic in London

Are you unhappy with the condition of your skin? Do you feel that it needs more nourishment than home treatments could offer, or are you unsure as to what would work best for your skin? Facials at our clinic in London are designed to leave you with a radiant, refreshed complexion, and our highly-trained and experienced practitioners will help you reach your long-term skin goals too.

Facial Price
Diamond Radiance Facial £180
Rescue and Revive Facial £180
Vitality Glow Facial £180
Acne Facial £320
Lunchtime Laser Facial £200
Omniya Signature Laser Facial £300
Mini Laser £150
Laser Booster £200
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facials at omniya clinic london

What Is A Facial?

Maintaining your skin’s health affects the appearance and the vitality of your face, a surefire way to keep you feeling youthful and revitalized. Whether you have dry, oily or acne-prone skin, a facial can help to treat most concerns.

A facial is one of the most essential treatments of any skincare regimen and is carried out by using a combination of therapeutic treatments for your face, including cleansing, extracting, exfoliating, massaging and moisturizing. Depending on your skin concerns, our facial experts will recommend which facial treatment you are most suitable for.