Advanced Skin and Laser Facials

At Omniya Clinic in London

At Omniya clinic, we pride ourselves in offering advanced skin and laser facials that have been created by our highly experienced Aestheticians. Using their expertise, experience and understanding our clients’ needs, they have put together these facial protocols to achieve the best results with little or no downtime.

All of our facials include machine technology as well as hands-on techniques to enhance longer-lasting results. We use cosmeceutical advanced skincare brands; Obagi ZO, SkinCeuticals and Dr Nabet products which are tailored to your skin.

Using a combination of active skincare and advanced technology, we can treat a range of skin concerns such as texture, acne, oily/dry/dehydration, blackhead congestion, pigmentation, skin blemishes, redness and overall skin improvement leaving you feeling bright and fresh!

Each of our facials is specifically targeted to each skin concern but can be combined with other treatments for your skin needs. Your skin specialist will assess your skin and advise accordingly during your free consultation before your facial begins.

For a detailed description of our facials, please see below

Facial Price
Lunchtime Laser Facial £200
Omniya Signature Laser Facial £300
Acne Facial £220
Vitality Glow Facial £320
Dermaplanning Facial £150
Diamond Radiance Facial £180