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Treatment of Thread Veins in the face

What Are Thread Veins and How Can They Be Treated?

10 January 2023 by Omniya Clinic

At Omniya Clinic in London

Thread veins are small red blood vessels that can appear in a spider-like form on the skin. The condition is harmless, but it can be the root of many insecurities. If effects up to 80% of the population in their lifetime. 

The medical term for thread veins is Telangiectasia and they are commonly found around the nose, cheeks, and thighs. However, thread veins are not limited to these areas, the skin condition affecting any part of the body.

What Are Thread Veins? 

Our veins and capillaries are vital in maintaining a healthy vascular system and controlling blood flow through the body. 

Thread veins can happen for all kinds of reasons including acne and rosacea. However, ageing is also a common cause of the skin condition. As we age, veins become tired and more dilated, causing them to become more visible on the surface of the skin. 

Many people seek treatment to reduce the appearance of these veins to feel more confident in their skin. At Omniya, we are excited to offer solutions that can help you feel happier and more comfortable! 

What Treatments are Available?

Here at Omniya, we provide a treatment called Sterex Advanced Electrolysis. This is a low-risk and non-invasive solution to help reduce the appearance of thread veins.

During this procedure, your practitioner will use a small probe and gently tap it along the surface of the Telangiectasia. The tapping releases a small electric current that cauterises the thread veins. This ultimately seals the vein and prevents any further blood flow through the vessel. This causes the thread vein to disperse and be absorbed by the body so that they are less noticeable on the surface of the skin. 

Before you undergo any treatment, you will be required to attend a free consultation with one of our laser specialists. At this appointment, we will discuss your medical history and offer a complimentary laser patch test to ensure sustainability.

The entire procedure takes between 15 and 30 minutes. However, this varies depending on the number of veins present. Our specialist can give you an accurate estimate of the length of the procedure during the consultation. 

What Are the Benefits?

Many people seek this treatment to help with their confidence, helping clients feel more comfortable within their own skin. 

At Omniya, we grant access to fast and effective treatments that boast great results. Our treatments are pain free, non-invasive, and long lasting, meaning no recovery time is required to start feeling great. Many even attend the treatment on their lunch breaks!

How Can Omniya Help?

Our specialists are all highly experienced and qualified to provide the best care possible. We offer professional support throughout the entire process.

If you suffer from thread veins and looking for a solution, contact us today! 

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