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Hair loss for many is an undeniably awful experience, whether it’s from a receding hairline, thinning hair or from male/female pattern baldness. Fortunately, at Omniya Clinic, our Hair Transplant Surgeons can offer various solutions to remedy the hair loss.

Hair transplants have come a long way in recent years. At Omniya Clinic we are proud to offer some of the best FUE hair transplant services available to our patients. Whether you’re looking for men’s hair transplant services, women’s hair transplants, or beard transplants in London, we can offer a quality service that is sure to provide outstanding results.

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Hair Transplant Surgery at Omniya Clinic London

    Hair Transplant Surgery Commonly Treats The Following

    • Male Pattern Hair Loss

    • Female Pattern Hair Loss

    Hair Surgery Treatment Overview

    Hair Transplant Surgery Is Performed By

    Dr Dilan Fernando Hair Transplant FUE Surgeon

    Hair Transplant Surgeon MBBS BSc (Hons)

    Dr Roshan Vara hair surgeon fue london