FACEtite Surgery

At Omniya Clinic in London

FACEtite provides a fantastic non-surgical face contouring solution for those patients seeking help with sagging skin on the face, but do not wish to consider the full surgery. This innovative treatment is minimally invasive, yet provides fantastic lifting and tightening to the face and neck: giving you more youthful, fresher features.

Consultant Plastic Surgeon and world renowned Dr Ayad Harb is the surgical lead at Omniya Clinic. He also performs a variety of other surgical and non surgical treatments, including the globally recognised 3 Point Rhino (non surgical nose job).

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Facetite surgery facelift london

What Is FACEtite?

FACEtite is an alternative facelift, performed by combining laser and radio technology to effectively break down excess fat, contract the collagen and provide a sculpted look to areas of the face that have lost their tightness over time. It has been proven highly effective for skin tightening (excess skin) on the face and neck.

Radiowaves are administered to the lower layers of the skin, and the temperature is controlled by way of sensors that offer real-time analysis of the temperature of the skin and the excess fat underneath to ensure that areas are left smooth. The technology helps also to coagulate blood vessels, and reduce bruising, and does not leave you with unsightly scarring.

Before you go ahead with treatment, you will have a face to face consultation, where you will be assessed, and any medical history taken to ensure that treatment would benefit you. The treatment itself takes around 2 hours, and results last for up to 5 years. You should see early changes within around 4 weeks, with the full effects being seen around 9-12 months after treatment.

How Does FACEtite Work?

The skin tightening capabilities, for the face and neck, are second to none. The treatment uses  radiofrequency energy to effect fat lipolysis, and collagen contraction in order to effectively tighten and contour the face.

What Are The Benefits Of FACEtite?

The treatment provides tissue remodelling and fat coagulation, that effectively lift and tighten the skin. The level of accuracy for the area of treatment is 100%, and there is no overspill of energy into the surrounding areas, resulting in a smooth, sculpted treatment area. There is generally no scarring, and it can be delivered under local anaesthesia or with light sedation.

FACEtite Surgery Overview