ACCUtite Surgery

At Omniya Clinic in London

If you have noticed small areas of sagging skin on your face or body in areas such as the eyelids, brows, bra line and underarms, knees or hands but the thought of scarring from a surgical procedure has put you off then ACCUtite non-surgical skin tightening could be the ideal solution. This is an innovative, non-surgical contouring solution that is perfect for those smaller areas. It is minimally invasive but still provides fantastic results that can target your problem areas giving you a firmer more youthful look.

In recent years, procedures of this nature have seen significant innovations and at Omniya Clinic we are pleased to offer the most up to date and innovative treatments to our patients.

Our ACCUtite Specialist

Our ACCUtite consultant is world renowned, Consultant Plastic Surgeon, Dr Ayad Harb. We are confident that you will be comfortable throughout the process with him, and as delighted with your results as his numerous other patients have been.

Treatment Prices
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What Is ACCUtite?

ACCUtite is a non-surgical eyelid and facial lifting procedure. We use this machine, utilising laser and radio technology, to effectively break down areas of fat, contract the collagen and offer a more sculpted look to those areas of the face, including the eyelids, that have lost their definition over time.

The lower layers of the skin are treated with radio waves, the temperature of which is controlled by sensors. Your doctor is able to keep an eye on the temperature thanks to the real time analysis provided by the ACCUtite machine in order to ensure the treatment site becomes smooth. The technology employed by the ACCUtite machine also assists in the coagulation of the blood vessels resulting in less bruising and no unsightly scarring.

Why Choose Omniya Clinic For ACCUtite?

At Omniya we understand the importance of providing the very best treatments to our clients and continually keep up to date with innovations within the industry in order to achieve this. ACCUtite is, in our experience, amongst the very best treatments that we can offer to those clients who are looking for a non-surgical alternative.

Our Techniques

ACCUtite is carried out using a machine from Inmode that has been researched and designed to offer precision and accuracy to your treatment. It uses radio frequency energy and is minimally invasive. It can be used to target those problem areas and reduce fat whilst tightening the skin to give a smoother firmer appearance.

Our ACCUtite Specialist

Our ACCUtite consultant, Dr Ayad Harb, is a highly regarded consultant plastic surgeon, world-renowned in his field.

What Are The Benefits Of ACCUtite?

ACCUtite offers precision remodelling of the skin, it lifts and tightens the skin giving a overall younger appearance. This is a highly accurate treatment that allows your doctor to target only the small areas that you might want to correct without affecting the surrounding areas. The results are a smooth, sculpted visage. Only light sedation or a local anaesthetic are required for the procedure and it is minimally invasive.

Omniya Clinic, can address a Number of Concerns with ACCUtite eyelid and facial lifting.

ACCUtite Surgery Overview