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AquaGold: The Results are Pretty Much Priceless

11 June 2020 by Omniya Clinic

A super-charged facial with the evangelical effect of injectables - and all in a speedy 20 minutes. Can it be done you ask? Well, let me introduce you to AquaGold.

Yes, the name sounds like a fancy wallpaper shade, but once you get past that, you will love what this new treatment on the block can do. How about – for starters – a bright complexion, smaller pores and fewer fine lines? It’s a biggie with brides, many of whom insist on a treatment at least one week to 48 hours before their Big Day. And, of course, celebs love it – especially if they have a major party coming up with TV cameras guaranteed to be in attendance. So, what exactly is AquaGold?

AquaGold treatment explained

AquaGold is what is regarded in the world of aesthetics as ‘a micro-infusion facial device. It is similar to microneedling in the sense that it involves applying tiny needles to the face. But, instead of the usual 12 needles with microneedling, AquaGold involves 20 tiny needles attached to a vial. These are incredibly - almost microscopically - thin and coated in 24-carat gold screw thread (hence the Gold part of the name).

It is the liquid in the vial that provides the ‘Aqua’ part. Only the liquid isn’t merely water, of course. What it can contain is a mixture of treatments, such as hyaluronic acid, vitamins, antioxidants, plasma, peptides, stem cells and even tiny doses of Botox. This ‘mix’ depends on what the client’s skin requires at that particular time in order to nourish it back to help and rid the client of a particular complaint, such as acne scarring or dull skin. This is all worked out beforehand during a consultation.

The needles in the device puncture the skin (at a perpendicular angle) which then allows the liquid in the vial to reach under the skin’s surface layer to the dermis. This is achieved by lightly stamping the needles into the skin (which sounds more painful than the reality). It also stimulates cellular renewal in the top layer of the skin.

When the AquaGold device is applied to the face a second time around the result for the client can be a stinging sensation – similar to that experienced by a second or third round of microneedling. And, like microneedling, this is helped by the fact that a numbing cream is rubbed into the face before the needles are used.

What facial skin conditions can AquaGold help with?

The type of skin issues that AquaGold can help alleviate and improve include minor acne scarring, fine lines such as crow’s feet around the eyes, dullness, dryness, pigmentation, flushing, and large pores and hair loss.

Interestingly, micro-doses of Botox don’t have the same effect as it would with standard Botox treatment ie there’s no effect on movement because it’s not penetrating as deeply. This means that it won’t get rid of deep lines and wrinkles the way traditional Botox injections do, but it will help to smoothen your existing skin and rid your face of fine lines.

Why does AquaGold get such good results?

AquaGold is incredibly effective because the contents of the vial are injected into the skin immediately – the second the needle pierces the skin. In other words, unlike with other skin-piercing treatments, the surface layer simply doesn’t have time to close and heal. This allows the maximum amount of liquid to be absorbed in the dermis beneath.

Will AquaGold work on other areas of the body?

We have past patients who have had AquaGold treatment for the décolleté area and neck, as well as the backs of the hands. In all cases, it was to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and, in doing so, give the appearance and feel of much smoother skin.

How much downtime is required after AquaGold?

You will probably find that your skin is a little red after treatment with AquaGold. The effect of the needles may also cause the face to tingle a little later on as the numbing cream begins to wear off. This can be helped by using a cooling mask or ice pack on the face.

It is also a good idea to stay away from saunas and steam rooms for the next week after receiving any kind of facial treatment since steam will cause the pores to open. Avoid exercise too as this can result in sweating. Use good sunscreen when going outdoors for the first week at least as the skin will still be extra-sensitive to sunlight. Leave your face make-up free on the first day of your AquaGold treatment and then the following day too if your skin is still a little red-looking or pink.

After 24 hours any discomfort should have gone and you will be able to return to work. The effects of the treatment are cumulative. By that, we mean, they build up as the days go on so that the results become very noticeable around a week after the AquaGold facial. This is when you can most definitely look forward to the compliments from friends and colleagues. Although chances are, people won’t know what you have done – just that you seem to be glowing and look ‘refreshed.’ And you can expect that result for up to four months afterwards. Not bad for an initial little stinging sensation. And yes, Kim Kardashian is a fan. She actually has her own name for it – the Golden Cocktail Treatment.

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