at our clinic in Knightsbridge, London

Mesotherapy is a skin rejuvenation treatment that has been proven to fight natural sagging and ageing of the skin; whilst also improving the appearance of wrinkles. A bespoke blend of high doses of vitamin C, organic silicone and hyaluronic acid is administered in tiny injections throughout the treatment site to stimulate collagen, hydrate and plump the skin. After treatment, the skin is left toned and rejuvenated – the perfect party treatment!

Treatment Overview

  • Procedure Time:

    45-60 minutes

  • Number of Sessions:

    2-3 sessions

  • Downtime:


  • Back To Work:


  • Duration Of Results:

    Results are expected to last for 6 months

  • Timeframe for Results:

    For certain conditions, patients see results after the first session