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Winter skincare tips you need this season

13 December 2018 by Omniya Clinic

Winter Skincare Tips Introduction

The winter months are very demanding on your skin, possibly being the most demanding season full-stop. With colder temperatures, drier air, and blustery days sap your skin of moisture and make it incredibly dry and dull. Winter skincare and treatments needs to help us shed the dry skin blocking our pores, replenish lost moisture, and introduce a fresh dewy glow that we otherwise would say goodbye to until Spring. Here are our recommendations and top tips for winter skincare treatments in London!

Winter Skincare Tips 1: Exfoliation is essential

We need exfoliation in the winter months. The dry and cold air saps the moisture from our skin and leaves in dead, dull, and a little flaky. These dead skin cells don’t usually shed as effectively on their own, but they can clog up your pores and cause blemishes should we not remove them. Weekly exfoliation as part of your skincare routine will help clear the surface of your skin of dead skin cells and open up fresh layers of the skin. Similarly, a lot of clients choose to opt for a facial or chemical peel or two during the winter months. A chemical peel performs what is known as a chemical exfoliation, using acids and different ingredients to damage the surface layer of dead skin cells and shed them in flaking skin to pave the way for fresh, pink, glowing layers.

Winter Skincare Tips 2: Richer Moisturisers Are A Must

Because the dry air will produce dry skin; you need to replenish any moisture lost in your skin with rich moisturising serums. During the summer, we opt for a lighter moisturiser; so the added oil doesn’t clog the pores of our already sweaty and oily skin. During the winter though, heavier moisturisers are essential to resurrecting drying skin. However, topical moisturisers usually benefit the very surface level of the skin unless they are professionally formulated. The lower layers of your skin remain untouched by their serums, letting them develop into already compromised skin cells in colder weather. For deeper skin hydration and improved skin quality, you might want to consider injectable moisturisers. This winter skincare treatment is injected directly beneath the skin to help it regenerate from the inside-out, creating a brighter complexion and more flexible skin during dimmer days.

Winter Skincare Tips 3: Benefits Of Beginning Your Winter Skincare Treatments Now

If you’ve done some reading around and discovered that some treatments take a longer treatment journey; maybe winter is the right time to start them. Treatments like laser hair removal can take 6 sessions or more, and you likely want your results to be developed in time for next summer. Equally, you’d probably prefer not to have to make do with your body hair and receive this treatment during the summer, so why not start your treatment journey? Winter is the perfect time to start these kind of treatments, because you won’t be exposing treatment areas on your body as much and could see a significant improvement by the time the intended season rolls around.

Also, chemical peels require a little consideration as to sun protection. This is because they damage the surface level of skin; revealing a newly exposed layer beneath which is vulnerable to the environment and outside stimuli. Excessive sun exposure without protection can lead to stubborn hyperpigmentation, but during the winter we don’t need to take these considerations as seriously. Of course, we’d still need to protect your skin during clearer days, but the threat of hyperpigmentation and burning is not as imminent as in summer.

Your skin’s needs change depending on the seasons, so your skincare definitely should too. If you’d like to find out more about winter skincare treatments and receive expert advice, book your free skin consultation with a leading Omniya Clinic Aesthetician in Knightsbridge today!

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