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What Is A Hyperhidrosis Treatment?

9 September 2020 by Omniya Clinic

Our hyperhidrosis treatment involves our expert practitioners using Botox injections in the area of concern, such as under the arms, in doses which are administered. This results in the nerves that supply the glands being prevented from producing sweat.

What Should You Expect Before The Hyperhidrosis Procedure?

Your hyperhidrosis consultation with be with one of our leading medical practitioners, who will assess the concerns you have, before advising you on your options. They will advise you on what they believe would be the most appropriate form of treatment for you. When you come to Omniya Clinic for your consultation, please bring any questions you would like answered about hyperhidrosis.

What Should You Expect During The Hyperhidrosis Procedure?

Prior to administering the Botox injections, your clinician will assess the treatment area and consider the following:

  • When did you experience heavy sweating?
  • Where does it occur?
  • Is it continuous or occasional?
  • What improves symptoms?
  • What worsens symptoms?

Having ascertained the above, your clinician will proceed with the treatment, by administering Botox injections using very find needles to the area of concern.

What Should You Expect After The Hyperhidrosis Procedure?

You can resume your normal activities after your injections, and it typically takes between 2-7 seven days to start to take effect. Generally speaking, it can take two weeks for total dryness. After the 2 week period, your clinician may provide you with a top up for any additional areas that may require further injections.

What Results Should You Expect?

Typically, for underarm sweating, the results can last anywhere from 4-14 months.

Botox for sweat treatment is highly effective, and can drastically improve your quality of life.

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