Intravenous Drips

at our clinic in Knightsbridge, London

At Omniya we believe in health and beauty inside and out. As well as stocking the finest supplement, skin and haircare brands, we also specialise in medical-grade Intravenous Drips and Intramuscular Shots, designed to energise, detox and relax.

Firstly, a consultation will be arranged with one of our expert practitioners who will be able to take into account your medical history, symptoms and goals. From this information they will then either recommend one of our carefully crafted drip bags or prescribe a customised bag with just the necessary vitamins and minerals that you require. The treatments will be performed in one of our luxurious treatment rooms in the heart of Knightsbridge.

At Omniya, we are able to address many different concerns through the use of our powerful treatments and advanced products. In order to recommend the best course of action, we recommend booking in with one of our expert Aesthetic Practitioners for a Free Consultation.


Treatment Overview

  • Procedure Time:

    30 - 45 minutes

  • Number of Sessions:

    For an exact number of required sessions, we recommend booking in with one of our practitioners for a Free Consultation

  • Downtime:


  • Back To Work:


  • Duration Of Results:

    For best results ongoing treatment is recommended

  • Timeframe for Results: