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About Omniya Clinic

at our Knightsbridge clinic, London

Located in the heart of Knightsbridge, London, Omniya Clinic is regarded as the Centre of Excellence for internal and external health and wellbeing.

Omniya Clinic has simple values: To help you feel beautiful, inside and out.

We achieve our values, by:

  • Providing the best in class, results driven treatments and services.
  • Thriving for excellence.
  • Continuously improving the quality and value of care that we provide.

At Omniya Clinic, we offer the widest selection of treatments, ranging from Botox and Fillers Treatments, Hormone Replacement Therapy (including HRT for menopause and TRT for andropause), Surgical Treatments, Beauty Treatments and many more. For a full list of treatments, please see our menu of services.

Our Leading Team of Experts

At Omniya Clinic, we pride ourselves on the team we have selected. We work with the best in class practitioners, and have carefully selected global experts to ensure that whatever your choice of service, you will be seen by the industry leaders. For more information on our team, please see here.

By ensuring that we offer the most innovative treatments and advanced techniques from around the world at Omniya Clinic, we are able to ensure that our we able treat a broad range of conditions, offering multiple solutions, depending on our patient’s preference.

Why is Omniya Clinic Different?

In addition to standing for excellence, innovation and credibility, Omniya Clinic is recognised as being one of the finest clinics in London.

Our staff and practitioners are regularly trained, in accordance with strict guidelines set out by the Care Quality Commission to ensure patient safety.

Our practitioners are global leaders, regularly training other practitioners around the world.

We have created a beautiful and unique clinic, to ensure your total satisfaction and comfort.

Consultations at Omniya Clinic

To ensure that our treatments are result focused and tailored to meet your individual needs and concerns, all new appointments at Omniya Clinic require an Initial Consultation.

During every consultation, your practitioner will;

  • Discuss your individual goals and desired results
  • Advise you on expected results
  • Share treatment options that will address your concerns
Omniya Health and beauty Mediclinic


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