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Have you ever wanted to know your ‘real’ age? At Omniya Clinic, in London, we provide a Real Age Test, also known as the Glycanage Test, which is the only biological age test that can accurately measure your response to unique lifestyle changes. Below we will cover everything you need to know about the Glycanage Test and how it will determine your real biological age.

What Is The Difference Between Chronological Age And Biological Age?

Your chronological age is calculated based on the year you were born whereas your biological age is measured using ageing clocks which are determined by different molecular biomarkers.

Our chronological age has always been a primary risk factor for chronic illnesses, ailments, body functions and death however, our chronological age is not always a true reflection of our biological age. This is one of the reasons why determining your biological age will give us a more accurate prediction of potential health risks associated with your ‘real’ age.

The Real Age Test costs £995
The Real Age Test Omniya Clinic London

How Is Your Biological Age Determined?

The Real Age Test analyses your glycans with a simple finger prick test you can do yourself at home or if you need help it can be done in clinic, your results will be with you in three to five weeks. Glycans are sugar molecules which modify the proteins in your body, react to your lifestyle and show indications of the inflammatory state of your immune system, to determine your biological age. They are also known to be regulated by genes, your environment and the lifestyle decisions you make allowing them to have a large influence over your individual biology. Factors such as diet, fitness, hormone changes, your environment, ethnicity, among other, are know to cause an imbalance in pro and anti-inflammatory glycans which indicate whether the speed of ageing has increased or not.

Can You Reduce Your Biological Age?

Knowing your Real Age can be a great reassurance, but don’t worry if you aren’t happy with your results. We can work together to improve your scores, changes to your diet, lifestyle, supplements or even certain medical treatments can all improve your glycan score. Once we have identified your biological age and the factors influencing it, Dr Roked will advise you on changes that can help reduce your biological age and improve your overall health.

What Happens After You Get The Results?

An in-depth consultation with Dr Roked will assess your current health status and lifestyle changes can be discussed. Further tests may be needed to check other health biomarkers or hormone levels, as low hormone levels can negatively impact your real age. The test can be repeated as soon as 3 months later to see the positive impact the changes you’ve made have had on a cellular level. If you would like to find out more or book an appointment for your Real Age Test, please fill out our contact form below and a member of our team will be touch shortly.

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