Why Choose Omniya Clinic For BODYtite?

At Omniya Clinic in London

At Omniya we are continually striving to offer the most innovative and up to date treatments to our clients. We believe that BODYtite is one of the most innovative, advanced and permanent methods of tightening the skin and reducing fat.

Our Techniques

Your BODYtite treatment will be carried out using a machine specifically designed by Inmodemd, a leader in aesthetic technology. It offers a treatment that uses radio frequency energy and is minimally invasive. It works to reduce fat whilst tightening the skin.

Our BODYtite Specialist

Omniya is proud to be able to offer BODYtite procedures performed by Dr Ayab Harb, a specialist in a range of non-surgical treatments, who attracts clients from across the globe, due to his extensive skills and knowledge of aesthetic treatments.

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What Happens During My BODYtite Appointments?

Before proceeding with your treatment, we will have a thorough consultation, during which your doctor will take a full medical history. We will discuss the proposed treatment areas, and then assess your suitability as a candidate for the procedure. We will also ensure that the results you are seeking are achievable. The treatment itself will take around 2 hours or more, depending on the areas being treated.

Small incisions are made into the skin, and the treatment is administered using the BODYtite machine which will, using RF technology and heat, break down fat and help to tighten the skin of the area being treated. Information from the machine is always relayed in real-time, allowing Dr Ayab and his team to closely monitor the procedure, ensuring smooth, even results. Once your incisions are closed and dressed, you will be able to leave the clinic.

Aftercare for your incision sites will be discussed with you before you go ahead with treatment, and you will be given a follow-up appointment for 10 days when the stitches will be removed.

Keypoints About BODYtite Surgery

  • BODYtite is a minimally invasive alternative to liposuction, with a shorter downtime than traditional treatments such as liposuction
  • BODYtite uses radio waves that assist in the breakdown of fat and help to contract the collagen, tightening of the skin
  • Results are permanent
  • Early results can be seen in 4 weeks, significant effects can be seen in 4 months, with best visible results being noted 9-12months after the procedure
  • Omniya’s BODYtite practitioner is a world-renowned plastic surgeon
  • BODYtite can be used on the body, in particular sites such as ankles, knees, thighs, tummy, breasts and arms

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