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Why is my skincare routine not working?

9 July 2018 by Omniya Clinic

Your skin is unique to you, so why isn’t your skincare routine? There are so many skincare products available that often we don’t realise what is and isn’t right for us. There are plenty of reasons skincare routines don’t perform as we think they will, and we’re here to shed some light on them.

First of all, your skin’s needs change as your environment does. During the winter months or in colder climates our skin dries out very quickly, so investing in a heavy duty and rich moisturiser can make ta world of difference. For summer, you’ll want to use lighter products and focus on balancing oils in your skin, especially if you’re prone to sweating and when using sun cream. Your skincare may not be working because you’re not adjusting it according to its changing needs.

Secondly, your skin is your body’s largest organ. It forms a complex barrier against the world, the environment, and the elements, and so is obviously made up of millions of cells and processes. You might not have given your skincare routine chance to work, especially if you’ve changed to a new regime or are experimenting with different products and treatments. You need to give your skin chance to adapt and rebalance and react to your skincare regime.

There are so many skincare products on the market, this much is true; but they don’t actually tackle that many diverse skin conditions. Yes, they may clean superficial dirt off the face or remove makeup, but an extremely high percentage of them don’t improve the overall health of your skin. Your skincare may not be working because it just isn’t good enough, or isn’t targeted enough, for your skin’s needs.

High-street products can’t work deep enough within the skin like professional treatments do. This is because they have to be regulated and diluted far more so they are safe for at-home use and for the administration of untrained hands. They can’t rebalance the skin, work at deeper layers, or remodel from within like our treatments do, for instance. Your skincare may provide superficial results that make your skin feel soft, for example, but these are short-lived and not beneficial to your skin’s health.

When considering your skincare routine, consider your skin’s needs. Your skin reacts differently to products and is made up of completely different biological material and sensitivities. This means that these high-street options may perform as blanket ‘skincare’ in the sense that they’re products for the skin, but what about your skin?

Treatments like chemical peels are a great example of how in-clinic treatments are better than their high-street counterparts. Working on much deeper levels and at higher strengths, in-clinic chemical peels target active acne, mild scarring, and hyperpigmentation. High-street peels, on the other hand, lightly exfoliate your dead skin away. Even injectable moisturisers such as Profhilo and Aquagold are available at Omniya.

Seeking the advice of a skin specialist is beneficial to your skin’s health and appearance because we help you understand exactly what you need. We recommend treatments, products to try (or to stop trying); and lifestyle factors that contribute to the health and maintenance of beautiful skin. At Omniya’s Knightsbridge clinic in London, we offer free consultations with our skin specialists to ensure that you leave our clinic fully informed and educated on your skin’s needs.

Your skincare routine isn’t working because it’s a skincare routine, not your skincare routine. Let us tailor a treatment programme just for your and watch your results develop. Speak to a friendly member of our team on 020 7584 4777 or enquire online today!

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