How Menopause Hormone Therapy Can Manage Your Symptoms

Because our bodies don’t come with a set of guidelines that detail what to expect, many women can find the menopause unpredictable and uncomfortable. With an extensive range of symptoms you may or may not encounter, it’s hard to know how severely you are experiencing them or if you should be expecting any at all. Luckily, Omniya offer Menopause Hormone Therapy in London and can help you manage your symptoms to maintain your bodily and mental health.

menopause symptoms treatment in london. Hot flushes and insomnia can be treated. Hormone Replacement therapy and HRT.

Menopause hormone therapy for the body

The menopause can feel like it alters all of you; your mental health can be affected, and even functions like memory and your immune system can suffer. It can feel difficult to continue your normal lifestyle, especially when you feel like you are being worked against, but Omniya can help.

Oestrogen has many benefits in hormone replacement therapy. We can treat hot flushes, reduce urinary frequency and cystitis, vaginal dryness, and keep hair and skin healthy. It can also protect against strokes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, and osteoporosis. As well as aiding hair and skin health, our use of Progesterone reduces fluid retention and regulates menstrual cycles to assist the natural functions of your body. Melatonin and DHEA stimulate and regulate the immune system and can even decrease cholesterol and body fat retention as your metabolism slows. We use Testosterone to maintain muscle and bone strength, and Pregnenolone to repair cells in the brain and nerve tissues.

These hormones also benefit your mental health and energy levels, too. They are all-round performers that enhance all aspects of wellness to ensure you continue to live life to the fullest.

Menopause hormone therapy for the mind

The menopause and hormone imbalances can affect your mental health, libido, and memory. These can be some of the more lifestyle-limiting symptoms; because they don’t just alter how your body functions but how your mind regulates emotions and energy levels. Our menopause hormone therapy has both advantages for your mind and body, helping to maintain your normal lifestyle.

We use progesterone and DHEA to treat low moods and depression; so that you can continue to manage your symptoms alongside leading a happy and healthy life. We use testosterone to improve a decreasing libido and to raise motivation so that you can continue to be fulfilled and feel positive. Melatonin is used alongside Progesterone and DHEA to improve your sleep patterns and to energise; while we enhance memory function with the use of Pregnenolone. By promoting a healthy sleep pattern, keen memory function, and emotional stability, we can maintain an overall wellness to you and your body.

Energising The Body

Energising both the body and the mind can safely and effectively help you manage the symptoms of the menopause. Of course, everyone is different, and some people may choose to go through the menopause ‘naturally’. There is no right or wrong pathway to follow – it depends on the severity of your symptoms, your comfort, and ultimately your quality of life. If you feel your lifestyle is being limited or your health is being affected by your symptoms, or you would just like to take back a little more control of your mind and body, then our services will be of use to you.

As well as hormone therapy, you may find that our nutritional therapy could help you. This is not simply a diet plan, because we believe that no food is entirely healthy or unhealthy. We base our solutions around your personal preferences, beliefs, and individuality to best suit your health and nutrition, not your weight or size.

A healthy body and a healthy mind working together in tandem can produce life-enhancing results. If you are struggling with the symptoms of the menopause and are experiencing hormonal imbalances; hormone replacement therapy with Omniya may be exactly what you need.

Hormone therapy London

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menopause symptoms treatment in london. Hot flushes and insomnia can be treated. Hormone Replacement therapy and HRT.