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Manjot Dehala is an international osteopath and speaker, specialising in osteopathic medicine. She finds & treats the root cause of pain and healing in women’s health (including pre and post-natal and through fertility journeys), family health, paediatric osteopathy and preventative care.

She offers luxury medical and holistic services to patients throughout the UK and she provides a renowned treatment for those patients who travel frequently and experience stress.

Manjot Dehala is internationally recognised for her transforming experiences of pain relief, emotional release, stress reduction and deep relaxation. By providing a high quality patient-centred approach, combining a variety of evidence-based methods, holistic medical treatments and integrative methods, with individualised, concrete steps and remedial advice to gently and effectively alleviate and release physical and emotional pain.

Manjot Dehala has a reputation for achieving long-term, sustainable results and she is deeply committed to helping her patients by using her specialised skills to address their unique needs. She believes in providing the utmost best and highest quality of excellent care for her patients for pain-relief, management, and as prevention, so they can continue to enjoy their life fully, happily and with as much ease and comfort.

A few areas of common pain and conditions Manjot treats are back and neck pain, headaches (neck related), neuralgia, digestion problems, pelvic pain, rheumatic pain, and inability to relax.

    Specialising In

    • Osteopathic Medicine

    • Paediatric Care

    • Pre and Post Natal Health

    • Women’s Health

    • Muscular – Skeletal Pain

    • Stress Related Pain

    • Meditation


    Osteopathic Consultation£290
    All treatment courses and plans to be discussed with patients and determined based on diagnosis and prognosis


    3 x 45 Minutes (1 Month)£1200
    6 x 45 Minutes (2 Months)£2400
    9 x 45 Minutes (3 Months)£3600
    6 x 75 Minutes (6 Months)£3600
    12 x 75 Minutes (12 Months)£7200

    Bespoke Treatments

    For bespoke treatments, please enquire
    6 Months (from)£7200
    12 Months (from)£14,400

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