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Gulmira Mamedova

Functional Nutritionist


Gulmira is a functional nutritionist practicing Functional Medicine. Being a dentist in the past Gulmira has developed an extensive profile of patients with different chronic and autoimmune conditions some of which have been rooted to the oral cavity. Practicing functional approach while being a dentist Gulmira has gained a lot of experience in the treatment of different chronic and autoimmune conditions linked to gut health and toxicity.

Image of Gulmira Mamedova. Nutritionist at Omniya Clinic

After graduating the University of Portsmouth, PGDiploma course in Integrative Functional Nutrition, Gulmira has decided to go through certification programme for medical doctors with Institute of Functional Medicine to become fully certified and help her patients understand the importance of all body systems and their roles in creating a certain state of equilibrium.

Through a detailed information gathering, evaluation of genetic test results and physical examination, Gulmira is able to track down the root of chronic conditions and triggers, using nutrigenomics and functional tests when necessary.

Gulmira will help you develop an eating plan most suitable to your lifestyle, which will eventually replace your old eating pattern. Using Rapid Transformational Therapy technique she will support you through the transformation journey helping you achieve and sustain stable and satisfactory results.

Gulmira Mamedova treatment prices


New patients Initial Consultation – 2 hours £250
In house Referral Consultation – 45 minutes £100
Follow Up Appointment – 1 hour £150

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