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Medical Botox Treatments During Lockdown

26 February 2021 by Omniya Clinic

With regular lockdowns happening to stop the spread of COVID-19, it’s become harder to define which businesses can and can’t stay open. What is essential and what is non-essential? This confusion is prevalent with medical, beauty and aesthetic clinics, venues that offer treatments ranging from hormone therapy to microneedling.

There’s an argument to be made that clinics offering botox treatment could be treated as medical venues. This is because botox has been recognised as both a cosmetic and medical procedure. Medical botox treatments are used to correct health issues such as migraines, bruxism and excessive sweating.

In this article, we’ll explore how botox is used to treat these conditions and what some of the advantages are.

How does botox help to treat bruxism?

Bruxism, also referred to as teeth grinding, is an involuntary habit that might seem like an inconvenience at first but can lead to more severe symptoms overtime. This includes jaw pain, migraines, chipped teeth, the wearing away of tooth enamel and gum sensitivity.

Medical botox treatments have been shown to be able to treat these symptoms, as a recent study by Neurology pointed out.

During the procedure, a small amount of botulinum toxin is injected into the muscles that move the jaw e.g., the masseter muscle that’s responsible for chewing. This leads to a relaxation of tension in the jaw and can help to alleviate any pain or headaches.

Typical jaw botox sessions are quick procedures that can be carried out in a day and start working after a week. Results last between 4 -6 months.

How does botox help with hyperhidrosis?

Hyperhidrosis is the official term for excessive sweating and happens in all areas of the body. Common places include the armpits, face, scalp and hands. For people who suffer from this condition it can affect their quality of life, making them feel socially isolated or anxious.

Botox injections help to treat hyperhidrosis through blocking the nerve signals responsible for sweating. These medical treatments help to reduce excessive sweating by up to 80% and can be a confidence booster as well.

Hyperhidrosis botox treatments are quick procedures and there is no time needed for recovery. You can be in and out of a clinic in the same day, returning to your normal activities.

For more information on medical botox treatments, be sure to consult one of our specialists who can help you weigh up the pro and cons.

Closing thoughts

With government guidelines on essential and non-essential businesses continuing to evolve, it’s only a matter of time before clinics that offer botox treatments are allowed to open again.

At Omniya Clinic, we’re focused on upholding all COVID-19 guidelines and will continue to adapt as needed to the changing circumstances. The safety of our customers is of the utmost importance and our staff are trained to provide a comfortable atmosphere.

In the meantime, we’re offering online consultations for all our treatments. Book yours today and be ready to pamper yourself when lockdown is over!

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