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How does LED Therapy work?

25 June 2018 by Omniya Clinic

Light is linked to many aspects of our mental and physical health. It triggers emotional, health, and skin changes in our bodies that you may not even have realised. For example SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) is more prominent during the autumn and winter months and is often linked to the days becoming shorter and darker. However, light is responsible for so many positive changes in our body and skin. This has lead to the development of a treatment know as LED Therapy, or LED phototherapy, to treat certain skin concerns. We’ve partnered with the multi-award winning Dermalux® to deliver fantastic light skin rejuvenation.

The cells in our skin are receptive to and able to absorb different forms of light. Certain rays (UV rays, for example) damage the skin, but we don’t use these in our treatments. Instead, we use red, blue, or near infrared light that are clinically proven to be beneficial to our skin’s health. Not to be confused with laser treatments, LED Therapy was first developed to fast-track the healing of wounds and post-surgery scars.

Treatment with LED Therapy exposes the skin to low levels of beneficial light energy from the visible and infrared parts of the spectrum. They energise the cells’ functions to stimulate internal processes dependant on which form of light you use. Skin cells that are energised by LED Therapy regenerate faster and function better, leading to younger-looking and more radiant skin.

Dermalux® Blue light is used to fight blemishes. It destroys the bacteria which causes the spots and helps to prevent future breakouts. It can fight blemishes without irritation, help spot prone skin, balance oil production, and improve skin clarity.

How Does LED Therapy Work?

At Omniya Clinic, we use Dermalux® Red light is used to rejuvenate ageing skin. It accelerates cell renewal and repair and boosts collagen and elastin production to achieve firmer skin. It’s clinically proven to ‘kick-start’ cell regeneration and boost natural hydration levels in the skin. It also improves blood flow to support the skin tissue and eliminates toxins. It can reduce fine lines, improve complexion and tone, stimulate circulation, and restores radiance.

Dermalux® Near Infrared light repairs skin at a deep level by using the most deeply absorbed wavelength. It does this by:

  • Triggering the skins anti-inflammatory processes to accelerate repair and reduce irritation and redness.
  • Helping the skin build strength and resistance against skin damage stimulated by environmental or lifestyle conditions.

This treatment is ideal for sensitive skin looking for rejuvenation, redness relief, and reduction in pigmentation. Further, it is clinically effective in the treatment of age spots and hyperpigmentation.

LED Therapy is a sought-after rejuvenation treatment for those preferring natural treatments. While our aesthetic treatments use regulated, safe, and approved products, we understand that some of our patients prefer facial refreshment that uses the body’s own processes.

The sensation of LED Therapy is likened to lying in the sun, and most of our clients find it incredibly relaxing. Because of the positive impacts of light on our moods, you’ll leave with a fresh spring in your step too. It comes with no downtime and has become a popular treatment to have on lunchbreaks!

We also offer other forms of wellness therapies such as nutritional therapies, life coaching, hormone therapies, and vitamin intravenous drips. Our specialists at Omniya in Knightsbridge don’t just specialise in aesthetics, but we also provide health-related services of the highest quality. Contact us and speak to a friendly member of staff on 020 7584 4777 or enquire online today.

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